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1:04am – can’t sleep so I am listening to coast – interesting show about tv hucksters and infomercial scams. Been thinking about relationships tonight and how it seems like many of us are going through some sort of communication related right issues now in regards to various relationships. I guess lessons and tests will always be a part of our lives on some level – I just wish sometimes there was not so much difficulty attached.

10:33 am – It rained really heavy in the middle of the night. Not sure what time or for how long I just remember enjoying laying there listening to the rain pelting down and being glad it was not coming in the window.

3:02 pm – major headache all day very counterproductive.

5:55 – getting ready to head out to the big Aries birthday party at Cori’s new place with Paul and Cindy. Will stop and get a roast chicken in town on our way for potluck option.

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8 thoughts on “Contemplation

  1. mysteryboy says:

    My measuring stick with respect to female relationships alwayscenetered around their cats. When things were going well, all was well with the cat and me. When thiugns were about to get rocky, my cat allergies picked up, andwere directly proportional to the state of rockiness.

    Have at it, all you shrinks out there.

    TG – what street is this pic on……having trouble locating.

  2. tacogirl says:

    I am not totally the marrying type either Remo. Nothing against it but I feel like it is challenging enough to work on having a good relationship without worrying about having a piece of paper. Paul told me once when we were in a headed discussion that we took a chance and moved to another country together and what ever issues we have we are a team and will work through it and come out on top. That has helped me push through many a time.

    Agreed absence makes the heart grow fonder. As for getting on each others nerves I think that is a part of life. My cousin’s husband says in regards to women better stick with the crazy you know then the crazy you don’t.

    Sometimes I get my alone time when tacoboy falls asieep on the couch watching tv ha ha.

  3. Remo says:

    This has me thinking as well. I have NEVER lived with any of my past girlfriends for any extended period of time (over a month). I always had a “cooling” off period where I would be alone for awhile.

    You heard of that saying, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

    I wonder if that is true in my case because it seems like the longer I am living with a person we start getting on each others nerves..hahaha!!

    Actually, I welcome a “cooling” off period where I can be alone (in my own home) for a short while and be the boss again:)

    Maybe, I am not the marrying type?

    Now, you have me thinking here tacogirl….oh boy!


  4. liz melton says:

    Enjoy your day friend. Its a beautiful world out there and you make it even more interesting.

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