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Small Appliance Shopping in Belize

Of course, we got caught up in food pics and shopping, so it took a while for us to get to the vacuum report Barb has asked for. While we were at Mesa Cafe the other day, I remembered the vacuum pictures were on my phone. I had gone to Mirab last time I was in the city and snapped pics of the vacuum selection. We scrolled through them one by one and she said, “All the prices were beating the expensive carpet sweeper she saw on Ambergris Caye.” Below are pictures of what our choices were and how much each one cost.

belize shopping
DaeWoo $140 bzd
belize shopping
Eureka $660 bzd
belize shopping
Panasonic price was not clear in my pic but around $14o range
belize shopping at Mirab
DaeWoo $165 bzd
shoppng in belize
The winning Vacuum $195 bzd

Having had one in California, Barb voted we go for the Hoover FloorMate above – a previous model to what she owned. After noticing a re-manufactured blurb on the box, I double checked with her then called Mirab knowing they likely take phone orders. Sure enough, Becky was able to help me place my order and get me their Atlantic Bank account number to make a deposit. She promised our vacuums would get sent as soon as I emailed proof of payment and she was true to her word. When the email process started, I switched to dealing with Pamela, she was also very helpful. I started out by sending all the details: price, bank account# I was given and who my sales girl was. The following morning I got to the bank early and promptly emailed a deposit slip picture. Pamela got back to me quickly to say they were processing our order and would deliver it to Tropic Air that afternoon.

atlantic bank belize deposit slip
Atlantic Bank receipt
tropic air cargo
Heading to cargo to pick up our shopping

After unpacking I noticed there was a missing piece so I emailed Pamela. She sent the part on Tropic right away – very good service.

tropic air cargo
Missing piece

In addition to Mirab Home Decor located at 2 Front Street in Belize City, there is also Mirab Furniture Gallery. They have a great selection and are located at Mile 1 on the Western Highway. Both are open Mon – Sat: 9:00 am – 5:30 pm

belize shopping
Mirab home decor store

I hope you enjoyed my small appliance shopping in Belize experience. I will leave you with a slideshow of 8 Belize city pictures from my Sunday morning stroll – no Kevlar vest required 🙂 [slideshow_deploy id=’31244’]

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