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Soft Opening of Rain Restaurant Ambergris Caye

It’s absolutely fabulous that we now have a rooftop dining option on Ambergris Caye, conveniently located at my getaway home, Grand Caribe. I was excited to attend their soft opening Monday night. I hustled to finish work and make it up north before sundown, aside from a small patch right across the bridge, the roads were not bad and thankfully there were no puddles after the recent rainy weather. I parked in Cowboys spot and headed to C3 to get Leisa for our dinner date. We were both hungry and ready to chill out at the rooftop lounge. Although we did not have a spectacular sunset that day, the view was still amazing.

Rain restaurant team did a great job on the space design, I loved the funky lighting cube seats and the light-up ice buckets. Coasters and other table decor were handmade made by 12 Belize and the Menu’s pained by well-known artist Belizean Melody and crew. What a great space for parties, proposals and just plain socializing.

More fantastic lighting at the inside restaurant area, the chandelier was absolutely gorgeous and just the kind of design I would pick if I had a house with a large open space. Since we do not have super high ceilings at the taco shack, I settled for hanging mid-size disco balls by my windows for my cool lighting effects.

rain restaurant north ambergris caye belize
Gorgeous crystal chandelier

Leisa and I arrived first and could not wait for the others to start feasting so we ordered drinks and coconut shrimp. It was not long before a few more showed up and more food orders went in. I went with the lobster squash ravioli as my main course and it was delicious. As soon as Leisa and I were done our ravioli, and Cowboy wandered in and joined our table.

When I saw creme brulee on the dessert menu, I knew I had to order it. It was a good size, flamed perfectly with that light crispy layer on top that cracks like thin ice and all that creamy sweet goodness underneath.

For a soft opening, everything went pretty well, in Belize that special events can often be a behind the scenes comedy of errors. After we were finished our meal, Victoria came around and did some quality control, we gave her our feedback on a couple of minor things could be improved and she was receptive to what we said.

Rain Restaurant and Rooftop Terrace is located at Grand Caribe Resort in North Ambergris Caye 2.5 miles from downtown San Pedro. You can get there by golf cart or water taxi and their hours of operation 7:00 am – 12:00 am 7 days a week. Rain is the only place on the island with late night Happy Hour from 10 pm-midnight – 2 for 1 drinks and $5 USD specialty martinis. They offer both indoor dining and outdoor, rooftop dining. A perfect venue for weddings, celebrations and watching sunsets. Click to see Rain Restaurant dinner menu.

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2 thoughts on “Soft Opening of Rain Restaurant Ambergris Caye

  1. tacogirl says:

    No skeeters that night or for a while as far as my experiences Peter. The breeze and being up high will help though if it was a time where they are out, plus it is easy to move inside when needed.

  2. Peter Oberhaus says:

    Rooftop dining sounds great .What about all those pesky Skeeters? Would not enjoy my Dinner, being buzzed.

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