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Sliding door roller fix

First chore on my list today and maybe the only one depending on how it goes is to fix the sliding door rollers. Good old Popular Mechanics to the rescue for some handy advice – my fix it job looked nothing like theirs ha ha. tacogirl version… Step 1 take screen door off – play around with rollers and see just how rusted it all is. Step 2 no wd40 on hand – sprayed some hydrogen peroxide on it to loosen things up. Step 3 put wd40 on shopping list – used a q-tip with olive oil on it to lube rollers [coconut oil my preferred choice for stuff like that but again it’s on shopping list]. tacoboy said door definitely slides easier now.

Pain in the butt when you set out to do stuff only to realize that you do not have everything on hand you need to complete the task – like Paul starting to brown the ribs and then me realizing there was no barbecue sauce for stacking them in the crock pot.

Tropical view

Looking east


5 thoughts on “Sliding door roller fix

  1. 2milesnorth says:

    Maybe Cindy shoud have oiled the screen doors once in a while .

    (Gotta blame iit on someone else laurie)

  2. tacogirl says:

    Crock pots are a fab way to cook here Dorry – check hardware stores.

    One day I might surprise you and creative on the sauce Cindy. So easy just to unscrew and pour lol. Thank you for having us.

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