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Belize Wildlife Spotting

I came an interesting post while net surfing this morning… Winjama – Hoop Jumping about getting your Belize Drivers license. What it takes and how much it costs. Reading/hearing other peoples accounts of how they got things done is always helpful to figuring out your own process. I tend to ask a few people who have already done what ever it is I want to do then I pick the best scenarios out of the lot and focus on getting my desired outcome.

So true … Life is unpredictable, but there is a lot to do and see if you just tune into the radio – Jimmy Buffett. Anyone here on Ambergris Caye have experience using with shortwave radio’s? If so would love to know your findings.

As you can tell from pictures below the novelty of sitting on the veranda watching boats pass by has not worn off yet. Nor has the wildlife spotting excitement. This past week Dick and I watched about 12 bone fish swimming from his backyard – keeping a watch to see what is jumping in our canal – saw a crocodile across the road lounging under mangroves – hawks & herons above and below.

Boat Boat on canal Lagoon

4 thoughts on “Belize Wildlife Spotting

  1. tacogirl says:

    Hi Bob I am not sure about ground settling in this area. Rainy season is a great way to tell just how high or low laying land is. High tide can also bring excess water to some lots in this area that back onto the lagoon or canals.

  2. Bob says:

    From your pictures it appears the land you are photographing is extremely low lying. Has there been a recent sea level rise or is the ground settling? I don’t recall seeing that neighborhood from past trips to be so close to (or below) sea level.

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