San Pedro Belize beach pictures

South East Sky

Back track to Friday 4:15 pm – day has been filled with chatting on the coconut phone – visiting between brat pack houses – looking at Belize Mexico & Caribbean nautical charts – hurricane forecast map – checking out the Virgin Islands – watching Desperate Housewives & South Park. Paul & Cindy just left for Pedro’s Pizza – Dick to go home and get dinner started – Carole will be on her way home from Las Terrazas soon. Molly and I opted to stay home – she is napping and I am working. Chicken wings and pizza for dinner yum.

Somehow today’s post disappeared but I stayed zen and was able to navigate my way back through wordpress post archives [without calling for help] to find the version I wanted and get it restored. These unplanned disturbances are a learning process and just like with the weather we get better at preparing for different scenario’s that come our way & navigating through the rough waters till we hit smooth sailing.

Fast forward to Saturday morning 7:10 am – that same post disappeared again and this time there are no archives of it showing up so I have to start from scratch manually reload it ugh.

It is still raining off and on – wunderground storm model showing that we are pretty much in the clear for harsh weather. Was out on the front veranda taking a few pics while the sun is out – then decided to see if I can find a movie on tv.

Watched Wally with tacoboy tonight – what great animation.

Rain drops

South East Sky


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