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Sleepy monday

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Being sick is like being hungover, I don’t care of I ever go there again.

I have learned better than to get hangovers now because I do not drink very much or often, now I have to learn how to avoid the results of T.M.A. (to many activities)

I am very tired this morning. Sitting in Dr Teresa’s office (again) hoping to get some good news. Cathy from Beach ‘n’ Kitchen gave me a ride part way as she happened to be going in same direction.

I really wish I was back home sleeping right now. I cannot read any more my eyes are too heavy. Sometimes I joke about being narcoleptic when I am old. Truth is since I was little I went to sleep where ever I was tired. This includes a nice comfy antique chair during a party at my Grandma’s house, standing up while holding my dad’s hand (for real) and during Don Ho’s Polynesian drumming show in Hawaii.

Now that I am older, I try not to fall asleep in public unless it is during traveling ha ha but at this moment in time, I can’t resist closing my eyes till it is my turn.

Dr Teresa says that the medication is working and my lungs are clearing up – because of that she is now able to hear my breathing better and has detected that my lower right lung is inflamed. That explains the burnt feeling I was describing to Colette yesterday on the coconut phone. Dr. Teresa said this is why she keeps me coming back daily and why I am so tired. If it does not get better soon she is going to send me to Belize City for a proper x-ray.

I am back at home now, Sol Spa called while I was away. Travelqueen booked me for a feel better massage when she was here and they were calling to see if I was still up for it. Paul is on the phone now postponing it for a future date. Hard to imagine being too damed tired to get a massage.

Sleep mask time again, I fell into bed pretty much as soon as I walked through the door after changing into my comfy cloths.

I just wrote a few friends in Toronto that are Reiki teachers, and asked if they could send me some distance Reiki to help me get well. less than 10 minutes later, I got an email from England from an internet friend Cat and bless her she read in my blog that I was not feeling well and is going to ask her Reiki teacher friend to send distance healing to me as well. Hoping all this good energy from around the globe will get me back on track again sooner than later.

I was just eating a bowl of stir fried veggies when Alexis came by to ask if I could help him with his homework. He was ok to wait and watch cartoons while I finished my meal. After I was done we looked up pictures of Belize money on Google images and printed them off for his homework. Found a good picture that he thought would score him some extra points so we made sure to print that as well. Then we ate orange slices and watched wrestling on tv – his pick.

Alexis just left so he could go home and finish his project now I will go back to resting and watching Family guy.

4 thoughts on “Sleepy monday

  1. tacogirl says:

    Young lady now it is you who is making me laugh lol.

    Have fun at Yoga – Flexibility is a good asset in more ways than one ha ha.

  2. travelqueen says:

    Gial, picturing you as a child sleeping wherever you are made me laugh so hard! I bet you were a super cute kido as you are a beautiful young lady. 😉

    Feel better! Sending more good vibes from TX! Will think about you during yoga tonight! xo

  3. Carbunke Trumpet, MD says:

    All kidding aside follow the doctors advice and stay your Taco butt in bed! Pneumonia is not something to mess around with and it does take a while to get it out of your lungs. I will send you a stack of magazines if you promise to stay inside and take it easy.

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