Ambergris Caye Beach

April Crawl

Physical energy level 2
Brain energy level 7.5

Steps walked to doctor 859
Distance in miles .27
Round trip 1767 steps
Distance in miles .55
Steps walked between rooms in doctors office 49
No aerobic activity – Doctor must be less than a 10 min walk

I should have been resting this morning before going to the doctor but for crying out loud I just woke up 2 hours ago. All I did was my morning routine of answering emails having my iced coffee, chatting a bit on the coconut phone to Beth and Islenutt as well as catching up on Mexico blogs.

I wanted to keep reading but I can feel my energy dropping so I quickly washed up and got dressed to go to the doctor before I find myself horizontal.

Doctor said I sound better today but still have to come back tomorrow. While walking home down the back road by the airstrip I felt like I just wanted to keep walking, of course I knew I needed to just come home so I walked slowly enjoyed the sun on my back and here I am.

Today is the big day of the crawl. The 2 Pauls will be in charge. I am just getting the wristbands name tags and whistles ready for my Paul. He opted not to bring the cowbell today, which is fine bye me – one less thing for him to keep track of. Glad Paul H said he would come and keep my Paul company.

Paul said yesterday that I can put on my Gilligan costume and come around the corner to Lime long enough to say hi and meet everyone then I have to come right back home.

Steps walked to Lime 400
Distance in miles .27
Round trip 980 steps
Distance in miles .30

Lime was a great first stop. They were very friendly and asked what we felt like listening to – everyone agreed Bob Marley was a fine choice. They put out chips and salsa for us and did 3 prize drawings.

The gang went on to Road Kill for happy hour and I went the other way back to the tacoshack.

After coming home to rest for an hour, I went to bring the best costume prize to Hideaway bar. Was speeding past roadkill in a cab and saw Paul finishing up a group shot and wrangling everyone to the next stop. Cheri and Molly were there when I arrived, the rest of the gang turned up not long after and Cindy was soon to follow after she was done work.

Penny’s Hideaway is a great spot – a bit off the beaten path but well worth finding. Penny, Richard and his dad Bob were great hosts and made the party dressed up in wrongway Feldman and Ginger costumes. Gilligan won best costume prize – ice bucket full of beer. Thanks to Richard for filling the bucket with a nice selection of beer and ice. I can’t wait to have a pool party there one day soon.

Off to Casa Picasso unfortunately I did not get to go there and headed for home. Paul said they had a wonderful selection of appetizers for the gang. It looked like everyone was having a good time in the pictures.

When I got home I called Pedro’s to ask Andi-Lee to get Paul to do the t-shirt draw when they arrived, ok so I am a virgo in that respect ha ha, but crawls a lot of work and even Paul agreed that it definitely takes at least two people to manage one. He said that he almost lost a bunch on the way to Pedro’s so he sent Rudy off ahead and went onto do his wrangling duties. He managed to get everyone there – it’s times like that when the cow bell comes in handy.

8:21 pm – Who is wrangling the drunk wrangler ha ha. I think he is officially off duty other than a few pictures. I am making soup and watching Hell’s Kitchen.

Side note: If you are in any of the pictures and on the Ambergris Caye message board please feel free to leave a comment and point yourself out so people know who you are. I caught a few but most people put their real names on tags.

If you were at the crawl please make sure to pick up the papers this week there is a good chance you might be in it as San Pedro Sun was at Hideaway – thanks for coming out.

Bob Marley joined us at Lime


Ginger Skipper Gilligan Professor

Enjoying Lime

Prize winner

Gilligan wins a beach bag

I won


Next stop Road Kill

Paul hitching a ride with Walter and Charlie

Happy hour

Road Kill

Group shot – Road Kill

Penny’s hideaway


Ginger Gilligan Ginger Wrongway Feldman Skipper

Surfgirl8 Anna Nug – Our 3 judges for best costume prize

Gilligan wins a bucket of beer


HB Glen left his hat to Penny’s Hideaway

Molly came to crawl

Group shot – Penny’s Hideaway

Casa Picasso

Browsing menu

Enjoying Casa Picasso

Having fun

Group shot – Casa Picasso

Almost everyone made it the whole crawl


Andi-Lee tending bar


Group shot – Pedro’s

2 thoughts on “April Crawl

  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Heather.

    I am doing all I can to get in top shape for Isla in April. Bloggers meeting will be too fun to miss. Can’t wait to meet you all.

    Come visit anytime.

  2. Heather says:

    Poor you, I hope you are feeling much, much better soon.

    Do you think you are going to be well enough to come to the blogger meeting on Isla, still?

    Where you live sounds like such fun, I will have to visit some day.

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