San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Sunday breakfast

Thankfully Simon managed to get us a table at Estel’s cause it was packed. Since Shannon had to catch the 11 am flight and Simon had to go to work they were not able to have breakfast as the food would not have been ready on time. They did however get to see Dick Carole and Denise and meet Rob, Michele and their 2 kids. Michele joined the message board recently (Michele in Playa) so I thought it would be fun for her to meet a couple of boarders, also I had not got a chance to see them yet as I have been confined to the house lately. It was great to see them and Birdie and Cole kept us laughing at breakfast. The Kinnons had a great trip driving from Playa Del Carmen and traveling around the mainland before coming to Ambergris Caye and spending their last night on Caye Caulker and coming back to pack up and meet us before their trip back to Mexico. Both Michele and Rob said Cole and Birdie are great travelers. Michele keeps a great blog and you can tune in to read more about their trip and see some great pictures through the links below. She also has some good information for those traveling around the mainland especially if you are coming from Mexico. For example they learned that their Mexican bank cards do not work in Belize bank machines.

Although I am still not well enough to resume with my normal routine, I had a mission to do today I needed to get a decent picture for Islands Magazine to go with the interview I did with them recently. Breakfast wore me out so told Paul I needed a rest break before we went and took pics. I caught the tail end of Anthony Bourdain’s show No Reservations on Travel Chanel. He was hanging out with Kalahari bush men. A beetle turned out to be the best thing he ate that day, I can believe that after watching him graciously dining on fresh caught warthog-anus and smoked warthog head. Anthony put it well when he said “Food given as a gesture of hospitality is always gratefully accepted.” Not my cup of tea that is for sure but he does a good job eating all kinds of interesting things. After show was over I slept a bit, then it was off down the beach to take some pictures. I am hoping Paul was able to get a decent shot – sometimes it is hard to preform on demand ha ha. We walked as far as Oasis in Boca Del Rio and came back home. I got some fruit for snacks and I am in for the night. Paul is getting ready to go to Hideaway bar for the grand opening. Cindy just called to check up on me, I wish I could go too as all our friends will be there – but I am taking my medicine, heating up left over shrimp burrito from Warumguma yesterday and settling for more rest and Sunday night tv – Oprah’s Big Give is on now.

Old Sunrise Realty being painted – new one further down front street

Shannon and I on the beach Saturday afternoon

Dick had to work Saturday night

Birdie and Coco’s cousin


Birdie and Cole


Rob Michele Paul at Sunday breakfast

Future blogger

Checking the shot

Road work still happening around town

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  1. travelqueen says:

    Ok this had me rolling, “sometimes it is hard to preform on demand”… too damn funny!

    Miss you already! Hope you are feeling better!

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