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Living in Belize

Sleepless in San Pedro


With the state of late night tv I am so glad I am not prone to insomnia. It’s 4am and I can’t sleep so I thought I would get up and write for a bit and try to get some work stuff sorted. Even though I am feeling like  Bart  Simpson must have when he swallowed jagged metal Krusty-O included in the box as a prize – I can tell that the stuff Dr Lerdia prescribed is helping. Drinking some apple dehydration salts now she said they will help restore potassium to my system. The taste is very peculiar like drinking liquid apple with a pinch of salt on it.

Wondering how Pedro’s Caye Caulker grand opening went. Paul said hopefully we will get to go over on the weekend if I am up for it.

Just noticed the time 5am going to go channel surf for a bit in the scary land of late night infomercials and hopefully catch a bit more sleep before the sun comes up.

Will likely be back later.

Had a very interesting dream this morning. Lori Jackson was having at art show at Pedro’s. She had made all this really cool framed art work and it was was like all the frames were mini plasma screens so the art work had motion to it. I remember standing there telling her what a great job she had done and that I could tell how much work she had put into it then I woke up.

Baby on board

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  1. tacogirl March 4, 2010

    On the mend thanks Bob. Too funny on Belize News I will go check it out now.

  2. Bob March 4, 2010

    Hope you are feeling better. Seems I made the news today in San Pedro. If you go to belizenews.com you will see my hand disappearing into a fish! We are coming back to the island Sat. and can’t wait.


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