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Revovery Diet

When thinking of living in the tropics one thing to consider is electronics. They tend to go on the fritz in weird ways. Take my last two phones for example – the volume went so I could not hear the person on the other end. The one before that was reverse and I could hear the other end fine but they could not hear me. All 3 phones were different makes and models.

Another piece of electronic equipment we have troubles with are t.v. remotes. We buy the rca brand and I have mastered how to auto program it. With our last two remotes it was the previous channel button and the sleep setting option that went out – both features we use regularly.

We did find a new one for a good price $12.95 – but the buttons were different color and I knew somehow I was taking a chance. Had I looked a bit closer I would have realized that that remote was new old stock and it still had the option to program it to your vcr. Another reminder of why you need to be extra vigilant when you shop here in Belize.

When I opened the box and read the manual I found out that I had now taken place of the auto function – crap. This meant I had to press the button up to 200 times instead of just holding the remote and waiting for the machine to do it’s thing an then step in and hit enter when the tv turned off. The other downside is that if you sometimes get careless and hit the wrong button you some how deactivate the programing. If you are lucky tv button will bring it back – if not your fate is pressing the damn button again 200 times.

Below is a pic of my recovery diet as I try to get my stomach back on track. Veggies cooked with coconut oil and a bit of cumin. Damn stomach bug $%^&*@!

Veggie stirfry

5 thoughts on “Revovery Diet

  1. Monel says:

    Best remotes we found were at the hardware store close to where our place was (Amals I think)- 12 bucks and easy to use and program…we had bought other ones at Sea Turtle and SP Hardware but were disappointed and frustrated. Due to stone floor we went through several 😉

  2. Gwena says:

    Your recovery diet looks a lot like rattatoile, with coursely chopped veggies. And, we know that is good!
    I also agree with you electronics issues. Today, I used a pencil eraser to clean the contacts on my cell phone battery and sim card. A trick someone told me about…

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