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Sleepless in San Pedro

I hate it when I can’t sleep. It is 4:00am Thursday morning – I was not planning to blog today but since I am up and working I figured I may as well get started on Friday’s post. Have to rush off to the pool now though I am dreading the water being cold today as it has been blanket weather here at night the past few nights.

Will leave you with some interesting Email info from Ambergris Caye Chamber of Commerce. [Might be back later]

The planet has just experienced the warmest decade ever  recorded. Heat, fires, flood and storms are increasing and sea level is rising steadily. Chances are very high that these changes will continue for some time to come.

Yes. The climate is changing. Learn from climate change experts how climate change is expected to affect Belizean fisheries, coastal development, agriculture and more.

November 16, 7:00 pm Lion’s Den – Sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund.

How can we cope with climate change? Learn about resilience, adaptation and more. Do you have a long term plan? Expert panel available for questions following the presentation.

When I turned the corner to pass Crystal Water distributor the sun’s warmth hit me and I knew that even though it was a cool day there was a slight reprieve for aquafit class and that the water was not be as cold as I thought.  Class was just what I needed [movement and chat] – Pam aka indygal is back in town it was nice to catch up with her again.  I am glad I wore a 1 piece suit and had a t-shirt though – by the end of the class Maureen had to finish her stretches on land.

Reminder Aquafit Class times –  San Pedro Fitness Club Tues Thurs and Fri 10 – 11am $10 per class – ak’Bol Mon Wed and Sat 11am – 12pm $10 per class with a $5 credit for that day only at Bean Restaurant so you can enjoy a delicious smoothie or snack after class.

As Char mentioned below in comments there are also there is also an early morning water aerobic class at San Pedro Fitness Club –  7:30am on Mon – Wed & Fri – for the working people. Since I am usually working at that time I do not always remember about early classes.

Pam looking for someone to team up with her and split a gym membership at the fitness club [rate is better for 2] anyone interested please leave comment.

14 thoughts on “Sleepless in San Pedro

  1. Jan says:

    this has been buggin’ me for over a week…where is the 1st photo taken? Looks like Marina’s store on the left side. Am a close???

  2. tacogirl says:

    I am sure the thought of that in Toronto would not be pleasant this time of year Pat. Even too cold to go to the pool here today and I have a hoodie on while working.

  3. tacogirl says:

    That must have been beautiful flying over river at sunset. Sounds like you are hooked on Belize Laura. Maybe you can convince JT to have a charity tournament over at Caye Chapel that would be a good reason/excuse to come back.

  4. Laura says:

    2/3 of the Memphis girls are back in the cit, Beth will be in later. It was pretty cool seeing the River unfold under us as we neared Memphis.not unlike the Caribbean unfolding under us earlier today…well,maybe not that cool, but none the less, kinda nice to see Old Man River from the air at sunset.

    …and, it is definitely cool! Had to put on socks!

    What a week in paradise. I gotta figure out when I am coming back! or how can a work there! or when can at least get back to PARADISE.

  5. Carbunkle Trumpet says:

    Cooling off Hell it is Ball Shrinking Cold here today! Going to be 28 with the windchill tonight!

  6. tacogirl says:

    Sorry I never made it up to see you girls at Capt Morgan’s was slammed with work. I am sure you had a great time. Roblio texted me about Memphis cooling off today. Would love to visit Memphis sometime. Everyone loved their Elvis glasses.

  7. Laura says:

    We are leaving your beautiful home tomorrow morning, Taco Girl. We loved meeting you and will think of your being cold when it is 35 degrees in Memphis Tn.

    Come to Memphis anytime. Can’t promise you a water fitness class, however, we will have a great time.

    WE LOVED BELIZE! Enjoy the Elvis glasses!

  8. tacogirl says:

    Char thanks for the reminder. How are morning classes going? I am usually working at that time which is why I never get there. Send pics of class if you want some posted to promote it.

  9. Char Perisho says:

    Just a reminder there is also an early morning water aerobic class at 7:30am on Mon, Wed & Fri, for the working people.

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