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Dessert-Inspired Smart Marketing

I saw a commercial for Extra Dessert Delights Key Lime pie gum and it made me want to instantly try it – now that is good marketing. I say that because I do not like chewing gum  and my reason is that it makes me hungry. Which is funny because Wrigley’s did a benefits of chewing study and one of the things they listed was weight management. [extra gum facebook page]

Went to town with Dick this morning on an errand run we both had to go to bank and pick up something for the potluck party at their place tonight.

Pedro not knowing that Dick and Carole were having a get together decided to throw Cindy a big Karaoke party so it looks like we will be doing double time tonight between the two.

Very interesting find on in the BBC Earth News – photographers showcase pictures from an expedition to parts of Mexico, Belize and Guatemala highlighting the stunning wildlife at risk there.

Another interesting piece on BBC Archeology in depth – Excavations in the Guatemalan jungle have revealed the tantalizing remains of a Mayan city.

4 thoughts on “Dessert-Inspired Smart Marketing

  1. Maureen says:

    Laurie – one of my best friends works for Wrigley – I’ll bring you some Key Lime Pie next summer! 😉

  2. Debra Milstead says:

    Haha..yes Laurie..very good marketing for Extra Dessert gum. I don’t really chew gum either..but I have the Key Lime Pie gum…right here on the table next to me. It is really good.

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