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San Pedro Street Signs

Here on the island of Ambergris Caye Belize, it is not very wide in town. There are 3 main streets across, most people do not use their real names and instead call them front street middle street and back street.

Often it is hard to find a street sign to even know what street you are on and people tend to use places as reference more so for giving directions.

Today I came across a map and I had to laugh at some of the street names listed. Many of them were typical island names such as Tropical Wave st, Seahorse st, Stone Crab st, Barracuda st, Dolphin st, Conch Shell st, Iguana st, and Mangrove drive.

Some of the others were quite amusing like Seastar st, Frigate Bird st, Glitter st, Seaweed st, Wahoo st, Puffer st, Crocodile st and Chicken dr.

Then I spotted Raskowski st and Shad st 2 names that are pretty different from all the rest. I got to wondering who is on the naming committee and did they run out of ideas when picking names like Mosquito st, Grunt lane, Sand fly st and Hurricane st.

House on Seaweed st

Chickens live on Chicken drive – and a turkey or two

One thought on “San Pedro Street Signs

  1. Beth says:

    Hi Tacogirl! I especially like Chicken Street because true to its name, this short street is home to many chickens.

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