Bingo Boys

by tacogirl
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Sending a big shout out to the Bingo Boys who won us some dough last night at the Pier Lounge.

We got to play most of our cards from the winnings that came early on, and each took home $40 not bad for a fun night on the town.

Just ate a bacon and egg Johnny cake for breakfast from Ruby’s YUM. Ran into the Coldwell Banker crew and stopped to Chat for a few minutes. Now I have to go put some are in my bike tires to get to tai chi. It is amazing how fast bikes rust here, seems like only yesterday we had full tune ups and now we are ready again.

Paul won $65

Paul won $82

Two Paul’s celebrating their winnings

The gym has taken over the white building, so we have moved Tai Chi class under the red roof palapa by the pool – what a life

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GypsyJosie July 12, 2007 - 11:36 pm

I hope there is a BINGO game when I am there. I am Queen of Bingo>


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