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A quick shower

Is just started pouring really hard. First thing I do when it rains here is check the direction to see if I have to run around and close any windows to avoid puddles on the floor, second thing I do is think if we have laundry hanging on the balcony that needs to be brought in.

Today I did not have to deal with either one. As I sat here looking out the door I decided I may as well take a quick shower, it has been so hot here today. So I went out to the end of our balcony and stood in the rain. It was so cold like small drops of ice pelting my skin and it took me a minute to relax into the feeling.

I stood there watching the pigeons on a near by roof wondering if they were in joying the rain shower as much as I was.

All of a sudden as fast as the rain had started, it was done.

Pigeons in the rain

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