San Pedro Belize beach pictures

San Pedro Sesame Street

It was a Sesame Street kid of day in San Pedro. We ran into all kinds of people on or walk into town. After we got a cart that did not stop and we kept running into more people. Shout out to the guys who stopped to help us fix our cart as well as Kelsey and then Jen and Joe for stopping as well to make sure we were ok and did not need help. Luckily this was an issue that Lara has on her cart so as soon as I heard the noise after driving on the bumpy Boca Del Rio Roads I knew what was wrong on the spot. We just needed to bang a metal piece back in that had shifted and was rubbing against the tire.

Here is a good tidbit for those coming on vacation – a small basic first aid kit is a useful thing to pack. I have been making smaller sized ones in the packages that pillow cases come in and they are easy to pack.

Joanne got bit last night at Jacks place a few times. While driving around today she noticed one of her bites was feeling hot and when she looked at it she notices it was bigger than it should be so she asked me if we could stop at a doctor. I took her to Los Pinos clinic back near where the new Tropic C argo is located just outside of town. She got in to see DR Theresa very quickly and was told that it was a good thing she came right away because she has a bit of an allergy to mosquitoes and that the bite was starting to get infected. Jo got 2 shots, some cream and the doctor told her to come back tomorrow with all her medication that she brought from Canada so she could check out what she had and advise her what combination to use. Cost of her visit was about $200 bzd.

In case you are getting a bit confused there are 2 Erins in the picture right now and soon the original Erin will be back on the scene. We just met Jacks niece Erin this week she is really nice and has been having a great visit – tonight is her last night. Little Erin who arrived yesterday was named after the original Erin who is Joanne’s best friend of 31 or so years. After that she became Big Erin so we could tell them apart. Since she will be here soon with her son Liam I figured now was a good time to explain that to avoid confusion down the road.

While I am on topic of Erin’s. Little Erin has worked it out with her English teacher that while she is in Belize for 2 months she will be blogging as part of her school work. She has started San Pedro 101 – a blog about a 12 year olds story of moving to the tropical island of Ambergris Caye Belize for 2 months.

After all our running around today burgers and Legends Burger House Jam night were definitely in order. I knew it would be a good spot for Jo to catch up with a few more friends she has met on past visits and a good opportunity├é  for Little Erin to get familiar with more people that she will see around town.

Erin and Jack with her first fish caught by spear

Erin and Maria

Holy Cross crew

Erin Joanne and Cherie

Scored a ride from Walter and Gillian


Legends Jam night

Walter taking pictures

Joane and Walter

Joanne, Walter and Erin

Walter showing his Hair

Jo, Walter and Erin

Walter and Erin

Jo, Biggs Walter, Erin

Erin and Walter

Legends Jam night

Gino and Zac

Joanne and Garry

10 thoughts on “San Pedro Sesame Street

  1. tacogirl says:

    Hi Ice that is not a misprint and is in Belize Dollars. That would be cost of visit 2 shots, some cream and I think she got a pill too, for 200 bzd which = $100usd

  2. Erin (Jack's niece) says:

    TacoGirl! Thanks so much for posting me and my giant fish! It was great to meet you guys, I love San Pedro! Can’t wait to visit again.

  3. Ice says:


    $200bzd for a doctor’s visit? Tell us that’s a misprint. It’s way cheaper here in cold South Florida

  4. tacogirl says:

    She is on her lap top blogging right now lol. Was cold last night but sunshine came out again to day and the cold front is on it’s way out. c u soon.

  5. big erin says:

    great laur, u can help little erin with her homework!
    Looks like little erin got a warm welcome from everyone, especially Walter!
    touques Laur??
    looks like the kids will get some good music lessons too!
    c u soon!

  6. 2miles says:

    Looks Coooold down in San Pedro this week !!

    Jam session looks cool.

    Laurie, Turn on the heat for me, I’ll see ya in 10 days or so

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