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Legends Burger House


Saved myself a taco for breakfast yum. Very slow moving morning at the taco shack I managed to wake up and catch a bit of the sunrise [from bed] then promptly fell back to a nice restful Sunday morning sleep. Got some work done and cleared away about 40+ emails – time for a break.  My compromise to exercise this morning is to see what is on Fit TV. A show called Shimmy is up next so will see how well those Belly Dancers can shake it. Right now there is a yoga show and it is nice to just watch them and relax. While I can say there are some great yoga teachers on Ambergris Caye – I have to admit watching it is much more my speed than doing it.

Daily San Pedro weather: warm water in shower and hoodies – sun periodically making an appearance.

Legends Burger House party was great. Jewels and Tyler put a lot of work into creating an laid-back fun atmosphere  with posters – cool signs – license plates – games and more.  If you are planning a trip to Ambergris Caye and have some cool – retro – funky thing you want to put at a bar in Belize -  Legends is the place. I got a kick out of seeing the Endless Summer album on the wall – reminded me of listening to the beach boys and pool parties at our house when I was a kid. They are also making a tickle trunk and accepting clean gently used costume donations. More to come  tech trouble with photo gallery slowed me down.

Gallery up finally now onto the good stuff – my burger. I had the 10 oz Bob Barker… Come on Down! The next item up for bid is a sure cure for any hangover, a juicy burger stacked with american cheese, bacon and fried egg makes this a barker beauty. 5oz $16 10 ox $19 chicken $21 It was a toss up between that the Wyatt Earp with and the Spicoli. I will post full menu soon.

The first burger pic in gallery is the Bob Marley – a delicious black bean burger seasoned just right for those who don’t eat meat, or maybe you just love a great veggie burger $16 [ Legends is  conscientious and have a separate section of the grill just for cooking  veggie options]


  1. tacogirl November 30, 2009

    Hey you made it through on comments. I never did work out what was wrong. We will have to make a trip there when you come for sure.

  2. tq November 29, 2009

    Great write up laurie! Can’t wait to try it when I come down next!

  3. tacogirl November 17, 2009

    True Carbunkle Trumpet. I think they could use some Bar 595 coozies there. I forgot to bring ours for a pic.

  4. Carbunkle Trumpet November 16, 2009

    First of all Jewls and Tyler are great people and are good for the island, add to that Legend is going to be running around (hopefully driving me home in 6 years) is a bonus.

    Great people and I am sorry that it will be February till we visit the ole Basil/Legend’s as I still have a pic of Sweet Basil’s last night.

  5. tacogirl November 16, 2009

    Not yet but that is a good idea 2miles. Jax had lots of canine friends come by to play at the party.

  6. 2milesnorth November 16, 2009


    Do they have a “Jaxx” Burger yet?

    He is a legend you know.

    ( I see him running around in one photo)

  7. tacogirl November 16, 2009

    Nice – that is a good amount of time off. Villas are not to far from us. I know what you mean about North especially as we do not own a cart. Aside fro Legends try Lazy Crock barbecue on weekends (near Grand Caribe) For closer in town Wild Mango – they have a good new menu.

  8. Remo November 16, 2009

    I am taking the Friday off work and will be there from Thursday to Sunday. I am staying at the Villas at Banyon Bay.

    I don’t usually go up North when I am there, but I will make an effort to check out whats new up North.

    Do you recommend any good places for meals across the bridge up North?

    I am always on the lookout for new restaurants with good food.


  9. tacogirl November 16, 2009

    It is not to far across the on left hand side bridge Remo [used to be sweet basil] if you need more detailed directions let me know. How long are you in town for?

  10. Remo November 16, 2009

    I never heard of Legends before. Must be a new place. The burger looks good. Where is located?

    I am going to San Pedro on Thursday and want to go there for a meal.



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