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Living in Belize

Bird Watching


Great bird watching in the pool today. We saw Whooping Cranes – turkey vultures and  snowy egrets. Gwen was our guide explaining  what the various birds flying overhead  were and telling us some interesting bird facts. The water was refreshing – I wore a t-shirt in the pool today so was not too cold.

Hanging out at Pedro’s with Cori Dorry Guillermo and Paul – blogging and chatting Mitch on coconut phone. Can’t wait for our pizzas to be up we are all starved.

Daily San Pedro Weather – cool enough to use my airline blanket while couch surfing.

Mike taking over as Pool boy for Chunky

Chunky and Ruthie we miss you both


  1. tacogirl November 19, 2009

    Just checking cheers.

  2. Remo November 18, 2009

    Sorry. I do not.

    I will have to look into it.


  3. tacogirl November 18, 2009

    Nice Remo that will be great. Do you twitter?

  4. Remo November 18, 2009

    Come tomorrow I will be doing some “bird” watching on the beach while eating my conch ceviche and sipping on a Belikin beer:D



  5. tacogirl November 18, 2009

    I am pulling on invisible rope now. We will have a big feastivle when you return.

  6. Ruthie November 17, 2009

    Oh yes, TG, we should so be there. Chunky and I had already arrived on the island at this time last year. February seems so very far away now…


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