San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Adios Amigos

Here is an interesting tidbit Monel sent me tonight. Happy King’s Day!!!! [was yesterday] In Mexico children receive Christmas, gifts not from Santa, but from Los Reyes Magos – the three wise men. This trio drops off treasures during the night of January 5 to be discovered on El Día de Los Reyes, known in English as the Feast of the Epiphany.

Mary Tommy and Sara left today – Lucky Libby gets to stay on 3 more days.  Jo and Erin should be here any minute the 3 of us are going to dinner at Dick and Carole’s – Paul staying home for quiet time. We had a great day running errands snapping pics for a project I was working on to find a winner or 2 and hanging out on Ramon’s dock to do some fish watching and catch the sunset.

Tommy organizing Luggage

All piled on cart

Breakfast on the beach

Fabulous day

A few of the catamaran crew

Dropping Cheri off

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