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Business Lunch

We were driving around town this morning and Jo mentioned stewed beef for lunch and pointed out a place that was selling it as we passed by on our way to Hol Chan Marine Museum. I told her we need to go to El Fogon and get it there as Susanna is a great cook. The other reason to go there was to connect the 2 of them as while Joanne is here she is doing 2 work shops / seminars on domestic violence and working with the government and other groups to share her knowledge in this area.

I knew that Susanna Eiley has been an advocate for people who need help in this area and would be able to help Jo fill out her guest list for the Ambergris Caye part of the work shop as well as give some input if anyone was missed from the list on the mainland Belize one. I will be posting more details. time and location once the San Pedro seminar is ready to be announced.

Our lunch was fantastic – Erin and I had stewed chicken with rice and beans. She had watermelon juice and I had lime. Jo said her stewed beef was the best she had ever tasted (and she orders that a lot in Toronto) – she had lime juice as well. Cost of lunch for the 3 of us was $6o bzd not including tip – very reasonable.

Susanna cooking up a storm

Vegetable & fruit bowl

El Fogon San Pedro Belize

3 thoughts on “Business Lunch

  1. tacogirl says:

    So true Bill. Never had any less than delicious food there.

    Steven I will see what I can do when I get back to the mainland and let you know.

  2. Steven WIlt says:

    Would you happen to know how to get in touch with Susana or Norman? I am bringing a group of 36 from the US in early March and want to try to get a group dinner at El Fogon, but don’t know if they can accomodate a group this size. Plus, I want to give them plenty of “heads-up” if they can accomodate us! Thanks in advance!

  3. Bill Moore says:

    El Fogon is the best! I had several GREAT meals there last month during a stay at the Pelican Reef. Following my first visit there I told her how good her stewed pork was and her only reply was, “I know, dear”. Classic reply from a great cook. Can’t wait to go back.

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