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San Pedro Polar Bear Club

Listening to Coast to Coast am online this morning on Internet Privacy and Control and stalling in my head about going to the pool.

Rubyd just text me back and said she was in same head space and that we should go – we both know it is going to be a cold day for pool. I wrote back and said deal unless it pours down between now and then. Pretty much as soon as I said that the sun came out – Mother Nature telling me not to be lazy.

I know those of you who are in cold places are thinking wine wine complain complain you are lucky enough to be able to consider going a nice outdoor pool at this time of year – but seriously it is cold enough inside our house today for me to consider wearing socks.

I thought I was in good time to get to the pool and I am booting down the road when I hit the major puddle section and suddenly I find myself having to slow down so I do not fall on my @ss. Last nights rain sure added to the wet road and puddle situation – even the parking lot at the pool was a big lake.

By the end of class my teeth were chattering and my finger tips were numb – which is a first for here and a bit of surprise. Rubyd Sally and I were all glad that we came out to exercise – each time we get together we get to know each other a bit more. I always enjoy our pool time conversation, watching the planes go by and clouds floating in the sky.

Today we all agreed, we are now official members of the San Pedro Polar Bear club.

Photo from Lake View Polar Bear Club

Photo by Andrea Mohin New York Times – article by Nick Kaye

Photo by Ruby on Flickr

6 thoughts on “San Pedro Polar Bear Club

  1. Mary Mooney says:

    sorry I missed exercise this week did not think about it being cold I was just lazy. See you next week.

  2. spill says:

    If you had any idea how wound up i can get about making decisions you would be able to appreciate that the unintellectual beauty of this paper shade gave me incredible hope that when I am done with school I can stop trying to say something important and just make beautiful work.

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