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Brownie points

Not so long ago at Catamaran the subject of brownie points came up. Cindy, 2 Paul’s and I decided to devise a game for couples where we have the chance to earn brownie points. We all agreed this is wayyyyy more effective than a job jar.

The way we set ours up is… each person writes out fun things they would like such as massage, dinner cooked, a walk on the beach, ½ h of me time and so on. Once a person has earned 3 brownie points they can pick from the jar and get a nice surprise. We did say that ordinary chores are exempt from points but I think sometimes there are exceptions to that rule. After something is done that is deemed brownie point worthy, it is till open for negotiation on how many points it is worth – so far everyone seems happy with the points they have been allotted.

Paul and Cindy may have set theirs up with a few of their own variations. We found last Sunday out that video Paul has earned a few and is saving them for a rainy day.

My Paul has earned 3 so far. 2 for mowing the lawn and one for insisting he take over doing the dishes one Sunday night so I could go sit with our friends. He has not yet used them up.

I earned my first brownie points cleaning up a dead rat that was under the house while Paul was in town. I knew I could score points on that and Paul said it was worth 2 and I did not argue. When Cindy heard she laughed and said she thought 2 points for mowing the lawn (a 2.5 h task) and 2 points for putting a dead rat in a plastic bag with a stick (3 minutes) were not quite equal.

Here are some pictures from Keli of her cart being stick in a huge mud puddle at 9 am this morning on her way to work. These were taken in San Pablo area.

4 thoughts on “Brownie points

  1. tacogirl says:

    5 points would be a total score. Even though it was gross I knew it was a fast way to cash in for a few points.

  2. CancunCanuck says:

    Love the brownie points idea! And my dear, dead rat WAY out ranks mowing the lawn, I would have given you 5 for that trick! 🙂

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