San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Canucks chili cook off

Slept in till 8:30 – that was a treat. I love quiet Sunday mornings

Perfect morning to do catch up on some blog reading.

Miclele’s friends Sarah and Adam are coming from Playa Del Carmen Mexico today I told her if the sun was shining we would likely end up at Canucks chili cook off so she could let them know if they wanted to hook up. I have just been studying her blog so I can familiarize myself with who we might be looking for.

Check out Wade the Gringo’s pics of the water levels in Pedro’s this past week.

Some good posts for blog action day… Cancun CanuckGringo in Paradise

11:50 am
Rain has set in hoping it is getting out of the way early and the sun will come out for this afternoon.

1:20 pm
Can’t say it is dry out but least the rain let up. I am bringing my waterproof camera case out today – 99.9% sure it will rain again. Also feels cool enough to wear a jacket.

1:40 pm
Sky just got real dark – rain is back with a vengeance will wait it out a bit before we go.

Chili cook off was busy in spite of the rain that was off and on all day. There were 10 entries and they raised $500 to help Naemith the ceviche lady. The winner got bragging rights and $200.

4 thoughts on “Canucks chili cook off

  1. Boydies Belize Blog says:

    The guy in the black t-shirt the tall one with Walter? If so yes staying at Pedros for a while I think so tq get back down here asap to check him out up close!

  2. tacogirl says:

    Was nice to meet both of you too Adam and of course I would not do so without posting a pic for Michele to see lol.

    tq did not catch his name think he is staying at Pedro’s.

  3. Adam says:

    So very nice to meet you Taco Girl and thanks for being a friendly face in an unknown place, we had a great time! We feel so famous we made Taco Girl’s blog!!!!!!!!! Bufante and SarahB

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