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Belize time

Thursday night Paul was getting ready to make pork chops and rice for dinner – all of a sudden I heard cursing from the kitchen. Yup I guessed right we were sol for cooking and fresh out of gas.

He called gas company first thing Friday morning and they said they would be right out, unfortunately we must have slipped their minds and they pretty much told me that when I gave a reminder call that afternoon.

Paul happened to go check and see that the gas tank was gone. Since the regulator and parts were there we assumed it was the gas company that had taken it. We waited patiently for our full tank to come back since it did not I made a follow up call this morning and the woman on the phone told me it would be here in less than an hour. She was true to her word and now we can cook again yay.

Leaving you with pictures of rainclouds over the water.

4 thoughts on “Belize time

  1. Islagringo says:

    Don’t you just hate it when you run out of gas in the middle of cooking! And don’t you just love watching the rain clouds coming in! Even though you know what you are in for!! LOL!

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