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Directions – look for landmarks

While streets do have names here, it is not the most common way to give directions. Most people come down to giving directions to where they are at by describing what the landmarks close by are and often the color of the building they are in. It is more common to know the actual name of someone’s house over the number.

For example when we were in town, we always said the apartments above Mickey’s and across from Barefoot books. If that reference was not enough we threw the in the well known monkey sub shop sign.

At our current place we tell people big house with tall wood fence beside the white house and across from the hardware store, if more info is needed we add in down the street from the black and white bar. I do not know what our house number is here and I’m pretty sure it would not really make a difference if I did.

The other night at Sharon’s I was listening to her tell the pizza person where to deliver and she said go around the corner from crystal and down the road to the peach house. Come to think of it I do not even know what her road is called.

Small lakes in the road

Back road

6 thoughts on “Directions – look for landmarks

  1. tacogirl says:

    Hi Martha

    Best bet job wise is likely starting your own business – something you can do well that is not being done. I would recommend a scouting trip ( if you have not already) Time and patience are a must here to get all required paper work done.

  2. mmmcboop says:

    Hi Lori,
    I found you on a website for housing in Belize. I am very interested in buying a 2 bedroom Casita on Ambergis caye. I am an american woman, 51 years old and ready to retire from my job as an RN.
    Maybe you can find time to share with me about job availability-not necessarily nursing; even online jobs? I am beginning to believe that this can be more than my fantasy-a true reality!
    I thank you in advance.

  3. tacogirl says:

    Great comment house-signs – interesting how we are far away on the map but share unique part of life in common.

  4. says:

    Interesting post – shows that house numbers and postcodes aren’t really that necessary! Here in rural Wales there’s often a house name rather than a number and quite common for there not to be a street name. So here it’s also quite usual for people to give directions using features and other house names. But try telling that to the delivery driver using his satnav!

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