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Poverty – Blog Action Day 2008

How many of you have ever been really hungry? Do you remember feeling the pangs in your stomach associated with hunger? Imagine growing up poor and living through that daily. Most of the kids attending Holy Cross Anglican School come from disadvantaged homes and know what it is like to go hungry. Starting a feeding program was recognized as a much needed thing after a height weight study done by Nurse Heather during the first year Holy Cross was opened. She discovered that the majority of the students at the time fell on or below the 25th percentile compared to other children in their age and ethnic group. At Holy Cross School they are given a healthy breakfast, a fruit snack mid-morning and a balanced lunch. The school feeding program is completely funded by donations. The school fully recognizes that proper nutrition and good health are a strong stepping stone to educational success. If you would like to help support the school feeding program please email me at the one listed in my profile to find out how.

Miss Rosalie and her wonderful kitchen staff serving up watermelon

Today’s lunch – juice – chicken and rice and beans


Kids enjoying lunch


4 thoughts on “Poverty – Blog Action Day 2008

  1. Michele in Playa says:

    Great job Laurie! I emailed you my post and yours is linked into mine!! There’s power in numbers baby!!

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