San Pedro Belize beach pictures


I was looking forward to a trip to Belmopan this morning with Lara Alaina and Rick. Unfortunately I was taken out of the game at 5 am this morning by a bowl of cereal I had for a snack last night that made my stomach topsy turvy – not fun.

Paul had to go in my place as the trip was not just for pleasure. I was going to get residency stamp in our new passports and Lara was handing all her papers in to apply for hers.

After their mission is accomplished, Lara Rick and Alaina were heading on towards Tikal and Paul was coming home solo

I just woke up and am going to go check on Chowder Lara’s cat who is staying with us for 3 days and watch some tv.

Texted Paul in Belmopan to see how thing were going. He said they got there during lunch hour so they had to wait. After he was seen he said we can get our stuff back in two weeks – they told me one on the phone not sure why they told him two will find out more when he gets home.

Mark came by this aft which was a blessing. When he saw I was not feeling well, he made me tea, went to get a 5 gal water and is now going to pick up a few things for dinner.

Paul just texted and said he is the 4:30 plane. I am glad he did not take the boat cause it is pouring down with rain.

Looking down the beach standing at Canucks

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