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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all. Since we are in Belize I should also wish everyone a Happy Pan American day as well.

I had been planing to get busy in the garden today, but it feels a bit hot to do so right now, so I decided to draw another feng shui card from my deck and see what area of the house it leads me to focus on.

Since it is thanksgiving, it is kind of fitting the card I chose is about the formal dining room even though we are not doing anything special food wise for tonight, we have been enjoying people coming over and often sit at the dining room table. I am off to go see what changes I can make to spuce things up in our formal dining room area.

Yin/Yang: The Dance of Opposites – Coming Together

Yin (Receptivity): Formal Dining Room

Although contemporary home design is movign away from having both formal and every day dining areas, many homes maintain the tradition. Even though the two areas preform basically the same function, they do so in quite different ways. The formal dining area sets the stage for long, relaxing, or romantic meals for guests or extended family that are best supported by yin energy. The every day eating area is used for meals on the go, best supported by Yang energy.

To create a relaxing formal dining area:

Install dimmer switches on primary lighting, include diffused lighting from several sources such as wall sconces and candles.

Use warm muted colors to support digestion.

Include visual images that symbolize friendship, family, and community, but avoid too much visual stimulation which can be agitating.

Choose window treatments with flowing lines that lend a cocoon feeling to the space.

Coming Together:
Los of community seems to be an inevitable by-product of our fast paced lives yet connecting with others, a higher ideal represented by the trigram for Earth. It is indeed true no person is an island unto themselves. Responding to this fundamental need is essential to our well-being.

Who have I been intending to connect to for a while? How can I make time to do so.

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