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Staying home Sunday – Not

We were planning to have a quiet Sunday at home, but before leaving Walters Birthday he said we had to come to Catamaran and do beach bbq with him. We left the party relatively early and it was still jumpin – not sure if he will be in any frame of mind for beach bbq.

So far it is a perfect swimming day. We have to meet up with Paul and Cindy at some point and give Molly back we were babysitting last night – also the message board crew that are in town will be there.

Wade supposed to come over to use internet later this morning then we will likely head over. It’s 9:00 am and I think I may head back to bed for a short cat nap before we get busy.

12:15 pm
Just finished breakfast. Wade and I are heading to catamaran beach bar and leaving Paul here to watch the end of the new Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Internet not letting me load the rest of the pictures (even tried doing one at a time instead of the usual 5) so more to come as soon as the internet gods allow for it. Off to watch Anthony Bourdain in Ghana. Check out Anthony Bourdain blog.

8:47 pm
Keli dropped by to borrow a coupe of movies and got caught up watching Dexter with us. We are both taking advantage of being able to get pictures up on the net again – looks like I was not the only one having issues this aft.

Wade and I


Walter holding up his key chain with pic of him and Sara on it

taken by tacoboy

taken by tacoboy

Walter looking at his camera


Walter and taco Paul

Putting his hair back up

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