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Current TV documentary

Finally got the Current TV documentary that Travis made.

Unfortunately I have not been able to watch it properly because it buffers to much on our internet connection. I hit play and let it run through and sometimes get to see a bit more uninterrupted. Looks like I may be waiting on snail mail to have see hard copy. Everyone who has seen it that has been to San Mateo said it is worth watching.

Been busy this morning trying to sort out selling school calendars. We had a generous donation of 500 black and white ones from a group in California – they will be sold for $10 bzd each. If you have any ideas or are interested to purchase one please email me – it is listed in profile.


  1. m gusta mucho tu blog lo visito a diario visita el miop y si t gusta deja un comentario y si quieres nos enlazamos los blogs

  2. Laurie…try starting the video and then hit pause. After it has fully loaded, hit play and you might be able to watch it buffer free. Granted it could take awhile to load…perhaps run a couple errands or take a little nap!

  3. Thanks Ruthie I will try that.

  4. Oh yes, I rembember seeing this before. In fact I posted it to Facebook page, just as I did info regarding the need for help for the food program there. I know how great the need is and am anxious to get there to help out.

  5. Great you are able to help Cindy – many grains of sand fill the bucket.

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