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My kind of news

I am having a really hard time getting motivated to go exercise at the pool today. Stayed up way to late (3:00 am) talking with Paul and as a result I am feeling a bit less than perky this morning. I will say the conversation was worth it.

Very exciting day today for tacogirlblog making the paper 3 times.

Imagine my delight while flipping through the paper at Island perk to see that Dorian had put my full blog action day article, my cafeteria pictures and listed both blog websites as well as the school site in Ambergris Today.

They also posted a picture of us in our winning Deluscious lobsterfest booth along with their article about Frommer’s being in the process of compiling a book on the world’s 300 greatest events to be published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. in 2009. With the great news is that they have selected the San Pedro Lobsterfest to be included in the book.

Of course I had to get a copy and show Paul – picked up the Sun too. When I got home and started reading San Pedro Sun, I noticed they had posted pics from my blog of chili cook off thanks girls I liked the 2 pics you chose.

Carole Goudreau Esthetic invites you to a Demonstration & Product Launch of a new, high-quality make up line called Pro Make Up Monday October 27th at El Divino Restaurant (located at Banana Beach Resort).

Presentations will be at 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Please contact Carole at 501.226.4551 to let her know which presentation you would like to attend.

Featured guests include Patrick Ohle, Manager of Goldwell from Montery, Mexico and Make Up Artist Christianne Fabiola.

Featured Drink Special at El Divino: 2 for 1 Martini’s.
Please come join us for this fun event!

5 thoughts on “My kind of news

  1. Crandall says:

    Can’t wait to eat you tacos. Will soon as I’ll be there soon finalizing locations for movie shoot, Baymen of Belize.
    Putting funding together and crews now.

    See you soon.

  2. tacogirl says:

    My add guy totally rocks, Carole loved it too – he smiled when I read him your compliment. When are we going to get our tq fix.

  3. tq says:

    Yeah about the blog! That is so great to hear and yet I’m not at all suprised!

    Great work on Carole’s add! It’s so catchy and just… very fitting! If you know who did it, please let them know that I love what they did! 😉

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