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Spa Time

Today was a perfect day for some spa time. Paul and I were supposed to go get a massage together – unfortunately something came up for him last minute so I went off ahead.

It was quite a walk to Carole’s house. Even though it did not rain last night the puddles were quite challenging. I am happy to report I made it all the way there without wiping out – did have one close call though.

Sara was getting the table ready for me when I arrived. She started out by doing a sugar scrub which was a bit abrasive but I knew it would make my skin nice and soft in the end. After that was done I showered off and went back for my massage.

I take my massages medium well just like my steaks. I knew it would be a bit painful as I figured I had some knots in my shoulders. Did not realize quite how knotty I was until Sara got busy.

Through out my massage I tried to focus on my breath and quieting my mind – which I have a hard time doing. Thoughts kept popping in so I just went with it and let them go one by one.

Paul came not to long after so Carole did his haircut first while he was waiting for his turn on the table. While Paul was getting his massage, I got a cut and style. We both felt relaxed and refreshed after our spa time.

Found a big flight sale post on the message board tonight. I sent it out to a whole bunch of family and friends – so far I hooked 2 for January – Jo booked on the spot for her and Erin she also called my brother and Patrick and left messages for them to check it out asap. Thanks for the info Swanno.

Dick and Carole came by for a visit Keli also turned up and took advantage of the seat sale to book a couple of trips . A perfect Friday night hanging out at home chatting with friends.

Turn right just before Marina’s

Don’t forget your water shoes

There are some big puddles right now

Turn right here if you went left you would be at Sausage factory and Caye Coffee

Hang a left at this sign

Hang another left onto Sunflower st.

Sunflower st.

Almost there

CG Esthetic

Sara getting my spot ready

Lily and Sara doing sugar scrubs on Melanie and I

Relax time

Paul getting a massage from Sara

Sara Carole and Lily

Helping someone through a puddle

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