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San Pedro Buzz

San Pedro is a buzz with talk about Hurricane Dean.

I am defrosting the freezer now and Carole is going to pick us up in the golf cart to do some shopping at Santiago Castillo and Sausage Factory. Paul just called Paul and Cindy and they are at Super Buy and will come over so Cindy can go to Santiago Castillo with us and Paul can return borrowed cart. Cindy said the barge has stopped as of today so I think it is wise to get stuff sooner than later.

Back to the freezer before everyone arrives.

Got some shopping done, still have more to go. We picked up an extra 5 gallon water, some beef sticks and jerky. Stopped to drop Cindy off and watch a bit of CNN to see what the storm was doing. Off to Super Buy while pictures load.

More supplies food stuff, bleach in case we have to purify water, extra lighter, headache pills and stomach settler.

There is so much talk back and forth about what is going to happen and if the storm will hit or not. Everyone is watching the storm sites and CNN, earlier it was supposed to be Cat 4 and now I just found out tonight from Dick it may be a 5.

If you are reading this please send out some positive thoughts for all of us that we safe and hurricane free.

1:11 am
I am talking to Jovany in messenger. He popped me tonight asking if I had plans and what they were. He is not sure if he is leaving the island or not yet but told me some mainland options to consider.

I should get to bed because of Tai Chi class in the morning, but I just started 2 buckets of laundry now so hopefully it will be dry by morning. I am cleaning as much as I can in case of water shortage and doing that with buckets and a laundry rack I need to start a few days ahead to get it all done.

2:17 am
Laundry in rinse cycle, time to rinse and hang. Still chatting with Jovany about the hurricane and life mixing in hurricane jokes. Like naming hurricanes after rappers, and that the comedy channel is oblivious to our situation and are airing a girls gone wild infomercial. Jovany said his friend joked that the hurricane hasn’t even hit yet, and they’re acting like we’re already off the map. Jovany commented here we are, smack dab in the middle of what looks like the hurricane’s path, and the Weather Chanel people refuse to say the name ‘Belize’ – How weird is that? If you hear them mention Belize proper please post a comment on my blog and a short report on what you heard

Sausage Factory

View from Cindy and Pauls Balcony

View from Cindy and Paul’s Balcony

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