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Safe Passage

We are all hoping for a safe passage through this storm. As of this morning it seems like the storm is heading a bit to the north. Hurricane Dean is a cat 2 status right now and closing in on cat 3 now. The map shows moving due west at 21 miles per h right towards Jamaica.

So far today’s activities include coconut phone conversations to see where everyone is at, include more laundry, doing sheets now and ready to move onto Paul’s stuff soon. Off to Super Buy in a minute to get that extra spray bottle I saw. I think it can come in handy for doing dishes if need be.

Today we will really get to more cleaning and organizing.

weather channel saying Yucatan on Tuesday at 2 am

12:34 pm
According to NOAA looks like Dean moved north a bit more. Paul is going to walk over to Island Perk to see what the word on the street is.

Please keep in mind if power goes out we will loose touch temporarily please do not send emails, I will update my blog as soon as I can. I am also doing time line posts now so you can all keep up on what we are up to all friends here are pretty much on same page right now.

Paul just got back and word is most people are staying. He has not run into anyone who has said they were going yet. He picked up three one gallon crystal jugs. Our friend at Changes in Latitudes suggested to freeze some and use it for the coolers. Brilliant idea.

4:31 pm
Beth just turned up. She is going to get a massage shortly at Sol Spa and had her nails done yesterday as part of her hurricane prep. Carole is coming by soon and we are all going to walk over and see Lara and maybe Video Paul at BC’s to check in with everyone.

6 pm
Carole is here and we are off to BC’s beach bar to have a pow wow.

Saw Lara, Simon, Andrea, Melinda and more at BC’s. Carole got Dick and brought him for his dinner break and we all hung out discussing what everyone is doing.

Dick and Carole and Andrea might end up in Flores, Guatemala because their work at Tropic Air will get them there. Nothing is for sure though still to early to tell. Same for storm – it has changed again and we are not in the clear as much as we were. They are letting people with Pets evacuate tomorrow. That will likely be the one chance to leave if you are taking your pet with you.

8:22 pm
Eating the last of the cheese cake wow that lasted long and chatting Chloe in big chat.

10:20 pm
Talking to Nancy in msn and going over what we are both doing. She invited us over as she will have a full house but I think we will stay here have to talk to Paul on it tomorrow as he is resting now.

Left a pop for Stacy but she did not answer. Saw Renita earlier on the street she said they were prepared.

Downloading coast to coast am radio archives to load on mp3 player.

Organizing food and supplies

crank flashlights, small mag lite, medical, flasks, buckets with lids for water (that I won at the fair)

My handy survival bandanna that I won for $5 on eBay

Red & white bottle is our new dishwasher in case water goes out. Blue & white is our shower and I have a green one with 1/2 hydrogen peroxide for hand washing. Coconut rum to go with floaty rings in case of emergency ha ha

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  1. travelqueen says:

    Ok I know this is no laughing matter but you are cracking me up! I want you on my team when we do the Survivor show!

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