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Charlie and Colette’s Birthday

What a busy day, been working on my blog and getting a new blog ready to launch, organizing all the bill and rent receipts, made a new budget in excel with 5 pages taking us right up till the end of the year. Now I have to go get Charlie’s birthday present before Dick and Carole show up to drive us over for decorating. What perfect timing for them to have rented a golf cart.

We had had 3 invites to go out to tonight. Peter got us first with an invite to his dog Charlie’s birthday party, Colette and Maya sent a text early this morning to go to dinner for Colette’s birthday at the new Greek restaurant. Last came this afternoon from Zac, he emailed about go to Holiday hotel for live music and onto the Latin club. Since we do not have clones, we ended up at Charlie’s bbq. Hope you had a happy Birthday Colette, catch up with you soon.


Charlie’s friends came to celebrate

Charlie getting her presents

Dick and Carole

BBQ time

Charlie’s friend Jackie

Party people – enjoying a temporary power out

Having fun

BBQ was delicious

One of the short bread bones disappeared

Charlie comes out from under the poker table for some cake

Cake fight

Tim – very warm

Joely – getting colder

Getting warmer

Girls got in on the game

Charlie got lots of presents

JD finishing the evening drinking his jager shot after pinning the tail on the donkey

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