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Routine Tuesday

Mini chat is buzzing early this morning with people getting ready to head to San Pedro for Lobsterfest. I am alternating between there and taking care of business.

I just set up our new electric account so that we get e-billing. They still make you get a paper copy but at the rate I go get the mail e-bill is a much better option for me so we do not end up sitting in the dark lol.

When we moved to our new place we had to pay a $40 service charge and a $200 deposit to get the meter in our name. I mentioned to the woman that I did not recall paying that when we lived in town and she explained that the billing address was just changed in our name but the account was still under the landlord so that was why.

Promptly got an email back from BEL stating the account is in so and so’s name and for me to get e-billing I have to get a note from him with a photo copy of his picture id. I wrote back and said we already brought in a hand written note from the owner of our building and paid you $240 so please set me up. Was not long before I got a you have been registered click here to verify email – I love it when things sort themselves out quickly.

Onto picking out an e-vite for Blog Fiesta meet and greet. I am registered with 3 different places but I always seem to go back to Evite.

Lara came by and picked me up for class this morning – we got there just as they were finishing stretches.  10 people came to aquafit today – 3 of them were boys. I really needed the work out was trying to quiet my mind.

Colomojo and Tracy invited us over to Xanadu for chicken tacos and to check out the shopping she did for me for lobsterfest prizes. I know by the  honking big fake diamond rings and silver star wands that she showed me on Friday at Pedro’s that what she got will be worth every penny.

Went to Maria’s this aft and for $30 I got 5 small green peppers 8 plum tomatoes 1 cucumber 9 limes 1 zucchini 1 avocado 1 pear a medium sized piece of watermelon 4 grapefruits and 2 small mangos. As I was picking out the tomatoes from what was on her table she told me I should get the plum ones instead and promptly went and got me some. I let her decide how many I wanted – I know she was not going to steer me wrong. She also threw in a couple of stalks of celery 2 tiny onions and some cilantrio and told me now I can make some nice salsa.

quality chicken truck

Quality Chicken truck

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