Hot Wednesday

Weather forecast for San pedro Belize today – Smokin Hot. Hoping we get some rain soon to cool the water down.

Happy Birthday shout out to Jim Jam – hope you are having a great day.

Internet been up and down all morning so I will probably take a break from it and go do errands in town. Ok scratch last statement that internet better and I got busy adding more product reviews in taco shop – had a few underwater digital camera ones by Cakelee Linda and Court that needed to go up.

Power just went out so I took a break to read my water dance book and  have been  learning how to find target heart range. Subtract your age from 220 then multiply that number by 60% for your lower end. To get higher end take same number and multiply by 85%.

My lower target heart range 220-41 = 179 x 60% = 107

My upper target heart range 179 x 85% = 152

Juliana went onto say that the most accurate way to determine your heart rate is to take your pulse is by resting 2 fingers on your wrist or the side of your neck and count for 10 seconds using a watch with a second hand. Multiply the number by 6 and the result is your heart rate. As long as you are within 65% – 80% of your maximum heart range you are experiencing a decent aerobic work out.

An even simpler way to check yourself to see if you are getting a good workout is to do the “talk test”  – while exercising  try talking. If you talk and are able to do so in a halting breath then you are probably in aerobic mode. However if you try to talk and are gasping for air and tiring yourself you are anaerobic and working out too hard. Being in anaerobic mode is really not doing you any good – the point is to work out at a comfortable steady pace for good results.

Now I am not one who has ever given much thought to gettting a lot of cardio. In fact I have always maintained I never run unless someone is chasing me and that is debatable depending on who and why. Running in grade school gym class gave me pain in more ways than one lol.

When I hit my mid – late 20’s I did do aquafit classes in my previous life and I know they made a big difference. One day I was on the Toronto Island visiting friends with my roommates Jerry and Patrick and we had to run to catch the ferry back to town – all of a sudden I realized I was running with ease. I know that was a direct benefit of the water aerobics classes we were all going to at our local rec center. While I have not tested the running thing since starting Maureen’s class I know my lazy @ss is definitly getting some cardio benefits – I often do certain moves at double time for that reason.

Enough rambling about exercise I better get to Sausage Factory to buy some pork chops for dinner.

san pedro belize

View along the way

ambergris caye belize

Stopped on the way home for a cabbage cost $5 and he threw in a lime

6 thoughts on “Hot Wednesday

  1. Ruthie says:

    Alright! Maria and Jose now have a fruit/vege empire going! Nice to have a “branch” near you even after moving to your new digs.

  2. tacogirl says:

    I thought about that one Amy. Chunkyruth and I agreed that regular exercise gives us a free food pass – and those boneless pork chops and stir fried veggies sure were tasty.

  3. Amy says:

    very funny how after all the rambling about your target heart rate and so on you go to the sausage factory…..hmmm maybe you should rethink that huh. LOL

  4. tacogirl says:

    Thanks so much for compliment Mary Ellen and Paul – so glad you love it. Tons of Blog Fiesta and Lobsterfest pics coming up soon – until then you will always have an almost daily dose ha ha.

    Her Hubby is doing it Ruthie – she is still across from BYC but I was glad to see him down the road yesterday.

  5. Mary Ellen says:

    Hi Laurie

    Just a quick note to say thanks for the blog. I am still following it-actually my day is not complete until I see it. Keep it coming. Mary Ellen and Paul

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