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Air con addiction

As most of you know I do not like being cold and it does not take much for that to happen. Lately though it has been so hot here and I have found myself enjoying our air conditioning a bit more than I expected. Not wanting a huge bill though we try to just enjoy it only a few hours a day. Another reason to run it is we have less airflow in this place overall then we did the last so helps keep everything aired out – something to pay attention to when you live in the tropics. Will have to see what our first hydro bill is like here as they can vary greatly on the island depending where you are living.

Chatting with terrie sj bcb and becky in mini chat – e is popping in with the occasional comment now and then. terrie and sj so close to landing in San Pedro and becky was tuning in from a B&B 9000 ft in the mountains of Cascade Colorado.

Question does anyone know what to look under to change a nokia phone so that names come up instead of just the number when it rings? Been Googling it but so far not found the right answer. While it did not work for me – this site info seemed useful in case you have same problem maybe the fix will work for you.

Colomojo meeting me to come to aquafit this morning – Tracy has gone off to dive the blue hole.

411…. a funny- interesting and useful write up from Lara about a great Chiropractor who is in town for a couple of weeks – and periodically after.

I was in pain. I had always had some shoulder aches…from years at a desk before headsets, and a phone glued to my ear so I hunched my shoulder. In true Pavlovian fashion, I soon found that I’d trained myself to hunch my left shoulder when I was even moderately stressed. So, it hurt pretty much all the time, and I would embarrass myself by grinding my back into a door jam or corner to try to work the knots out.

I was in pain cause my back hurt. Three years of golf carts and jumping rope and boxing, it just hurt.  I could crack it, and I would stretch it, but I was starting to walk like a little old lady….

I’d gone to aquafit with tacogirl, this usually did the trick. But not this time.

SO, I asked my friend when the chiropractor was coming back. Yes, we had one. Its been well over a year since I’d seen Patty, but I knew that she came from time to time. In true San Pedro fashion, ask and ye shall receive…she had just returned back about 2 weeks ago. HURRAY!   I called her after aquafit and made an appointment for the next day at 1pm (another true Belizean treat…no waiting. well, lots of waiting, but not for doctors appointments).

Patty the Chiropractor is across the street from the Living Word Church (this is the one you see as you fly into San Pedro). She brought me into a little room, and I told her what was bothering me, and then told her that I was a little scared. I’d never been to a chiropractor before. I didn’t know what to expect, but I thought it was worth a try…I like having my back cracked 🙂

She put her hands on my back and could immediately tell where the trouble was, and I could tell she could tell cause her fingers hit the trigger points immediately. She hooked me up to this machine that sends impulses into my shoulders and gave me a wicked massage with the thing. It was very strange for a newbie like me.   Then she did an ultrasound thingy. I’m dorky enough that I thought I’d see pictures. She was very gracious and DIDN’T laugh at me, but rather explained that it sends sound waves to the muscles to loosen them up.

She did a couple ‘manipulations’ ala exorcist, and told me I might need to come back. She had asked me about the one knot, asked how long I’d had it as “it felt old”. I said “oh, about 7 years as far as I can remember. That’s how long I KNOW I’ve had it!”   So, I was most impressed that she could tell ‘old’ from ‘new’. Muy Interesante!

The session lasted about 1/2 hour, and it cost me $60 Belize dollars. I guess the best way to say it, I had no idea how jammed up I was back there until I got unjammed! Patty is only here for a couple more weeks this trip, but I highly recommend you take the time to get yourself in for a visit if you want. Her number is 600-7119

san pedro fitness center

2 Maureen’s – Ann – Ana

san pedro fitness center

Michelle – Dave – Mike

san pedro fitness center

Floating train

san pedro fitness center

Shout out to Chunky and Ruth – we all miss you and Maureen sends a hello.

Hope you are enjoying your new aquafit class.

san pedro fitness center

Monel lost weight again this week at weigh in for the Lime challenge.

What a great way to exercise – thanks so much for your classes Madame Maureen. Yesterday Dance book Juliana talked about different places to do aquafit and she said even if you have your own pool that you should schedule in at least 1 class if not more at a public place. Her reasoning was that having a teacher you like and a social network of people to have fun in a group and motivate each other along the way.

I firmly believe she is right – we had a pool growing up as well.

We love the pool time chat sessions and all have so much fun getting in shape together from your class.

Side Note… For those of you who are just starting a class she says 21 days is a time frame when you will notice results. I am not sure where I fell on that scale but I can tell you I enjoyed the day I started noticing what class has done for me and I am continuing to notice it in different ways. Everything – the physical to the emotional. It makes me feel great exercising at the pool – I can totally see how regular aquafit classes [2 – 3 times a week] are reshaping my body – I can also see clearly how much better I feel by going to class every week.


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