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Easy come easy go

Last night Monel and Ruth came over to visit and pick up an office chair   – he had   just missed out on the pink one I got at the yard sale Lara was overseeing and Cindy happened to have a suitable one for him that she was willing to give away.

We were hanging out chatting and I told Monel the pictures were up from class and he could have a look if he wanted – made sure to get a few of him for his daughter Aeriel. So he sat down in my new used chair to see and we all carried on chatting. All of a sudden there was a big crack and Monel was down on the ground.

He was very apologetic about breaking my chair but in reality it was not totally his fault. I had heard that same cracking noise at least 3 times before when Paul or I sat down so I knew there was already a stress fracture somewhere and it was only a matter of time before one of our butts was down for the count. Just glad it was not me ha ha I have already done that before.

Tonight is the curry cook off at Lime – Yum. 6 – 8 pm cost $10 proceeds to Saga. Going to go with Carole – Colomojo and Tracy.

Good news I think I fixed my phone issue from yesterday about numbers and not names coming up – will gave to give it a day or 2 and see if it holds. What I did is went through my phone book and made sure all numbers were saved to my digicell chip and not on the phone. That fix goes back to my other life when I did renovation work – Morley used to say when you have no idea what the problem is just start making sure everything is attached correctly cleaning parts and jiggling things around. Often you will fix the problem not always knowing how you did it.

Yay just got the text Shannon made it – she was not sure if she would get on plane or not. Spoke to KC Jayhawk earlier we will meet up later as well. Kerry has also landed – Rick said he was going to meet her at BC’s then might head over and meet us at lime.

Request for help from Be Kind Belize… Colette has received a fantastic donation from Statia Girl of   specially made,  Be Kind Belize knapsacks being made for the kids who are going on the Kind Kids Adventure. She needs to find some kind soul who is coming to Belize before mid August, who might be willing to bring them down for her. There are 9 in total that will be ready to ship to someone July 1st and she has been told that they flat pack and would fit in a duffel bag or in a suitcase that isn’t too crowded. If you think you can help out in getting the bags here please leave a comment. To find out more about the Be Kind Belize field trip click here.

Curry cook of was a zoo. Everyone came out to sample the 12 delicious dishes in the name of a good cause – around $730 bzd was raised for Saga.

Lime Bar

Lime Bar Curry fundraiser a for saga big hit

Lime Bar curry cook off

12 curry entries to try – yummy
San Pedro Belize

Prize time


Counting votes

ambergris caye belize

Getting ready to announce prize winners

lime tour center san pedro

Jamilla was grand prize winner

Lime Bar Ambergris Caye

Marie took second

Lime Tour Center

Maureen took 3rd

Lime Bar

Full house

Lime Bar
Lime Bar

KC Jayhawks and tacos.

5 thoughts on “Easy come easy go

  1. tacogirl says:

    Yes it is – overall we do not get nearly as much airflow here – partly because we are not on stilts anymore.

    Ya happy for their empire now we get twice the enjoyment in shopping for veggies.

  2. tacogirl says:

    We will save your place Ruthie. Monel definitly getting in shape can tell he has lost weight – he is the new pool boy now that Chunky not there and Paul has not been able to come.

  3. Ruthie says:

    It must be pretty damn hot if you guys are using the air-conditioning. Thank goodness for your new pool…instant cool!

  4. Ruthie says:

    And a shout back to all our aquafit friends. Love seeing the pix at the pool. We like the classes here in MN, but it just isn’t the same without our original exercise buddies. And Monel…WOW…looking pretty hot there!

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