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Living in Belize

Veggies yum


I wanted to get some vegetables so I decided to go for a walk and  try the place across from Royal Palms. They seemed nice enough but I thought it was bit expensive compared to Maria – anyone who shops there have feedback on that?

Maybe it is just cause once Maria knows you she often adds a few extras in your bag depending on what she things you need. For $13.50 I got 1 apple 1 onion 3 bananas 2 small cucumbers a squash 2  small green peppers and a small piece of watermelon. Ok now that I list it all out does not seem that bad for the money.

Similar thing happened to Paul yesterday he came home with 3 big bags of groceries and when we put it all away we were both thinking that does not seem like much.

When I got home Cindy’s new washer was being delivered very exciting.

I just found out the story behind the washing machine. Cindy was telling Jeff that it was time for a trip to the laundry mat soon as she was running out of clean cloths. He told her not to worry that he would take care of it today and voila a shiny new washer appears – how cool is that.

Smells like cat pee outside can tell they just sprayed for mosquitoes. Hope it helps get rid of the pesky buggers.

san pedro belize

My destination in sight – far right

ambergris caye belize

Paul helping hoist washer upstairs

shopping in ambergris caye belize

Jeff  supervising the move

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  1. tacogirl June 11, 2009

    That is too bad about your flight being canceled. You looking at mainland weather reports or the island – that makes a difference? Great site thanks to Amanda and Cal to check local island weather is http://sanpedroweather.com/

  2. Lisette Calavche June 11, 2009

    Unfortunatley my flight was canceled this morning due to aircraft problems…. (??) which will allow me one more day to figure out what to do. The Weather Channel say isolated thunderstorms all weekend. Thanks again!

  3. tacogirl June 10, 2009

    Lisette what kind of weather conditions would make you consider canceling your trip? The only thing that would make me reconsider canceling a trip is heading into a snow storm ha ha. Hot in San Pedro and loving every minute of it – well except for skeeters but they seem to have eased up a bit since they sprayed.

  4. Lisette Calavche June 10, 2009

    i’m traveling to Belize tomorrow morning and i’ve been thinking about canceling my trip do to weather conditions. Can you give me an update! DESPERATE! I need to make up my mind asap

  5. tacogirl June 8, 2009

    Thanks Bonnie good to know.

  6. Bonnie June 8, 2009

    HI Laurie

    Bonnie here – I live in Royal PAlm next to Captain Jeff and we go across the street ALL the time and we get “5” Bannana’s for 1.00 – you just tell her you are NOT a gringo and live here and will come back it you get a good deal for your money – she gives all of RP residents great deals!!


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