Round trip flights from Toronto to Belize

Seat Sale on Round Trip Flights From Toronto to Belize

The sale is advertised to not last long, but I definitely thought the cheap airfare on round-trip flights from Toronto to Belize was worth mentioning. Especially since it is the first seat sale of the 2018 and I know a lot of people in Toronto.

Sometimes Google Alerts are very handy to have. Such as this one that came to me today from narcity. I used my bookmarked link to check Google Flights myself and I actually saw one deal that for two weeks was only $252 round-trip but it was 25 hour travel time and two stops. If that’s okay you might want to check that one out as well.

As of my second search, January 11, 2018 at 07:30 these were my results: 

Round trip flights from Toronto to Belize

Of course, the more convenient it gets the more expensive, but 12 days in Belize for $336 USD ($422 CAD) is a great deal.

You’re not familiar with it you can get Google flights here and simply look for flights whenever you want to. It even has a handy ‘track price” feature so it will tell you if the price has gone up or down. Note; it gave a notice that the WestJet one would probably go up in 15 hours, so you need to act fast.

I usually don’t use the book now feature Google flights. I normally go to the airline directly for all my flights. It’s just one of those tools that makes it convenient to search for flight deals.

If you plan on staying anywhere other than Belize City, be sure to book the flight to your final destination with Tropic Air using the promo code – horizon. The flight code can be used for all in-country and international Tropic Flights and the benefit to using it is big. At no extra cost to you, I will donate a portion of your ticket price to a worthy organization. See my Code For a Cause page for more details. So, have fun staying warm and feel good about giving to a charity without any effort at all. Stay tuned for more as this month’s donation is about to happen.

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