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Roller coaster

Been riding the tech roller coaster today.

Dealing with blog things and trying to figure the best way to deal with blogspot now that I own What a headache. I have to say though, I am so lucky when it comes to Paul; It’s not always easy to work with someone over tech stuff. But he still puts up with me and is so helpful to make things look good and run smoothly.

I got some very exciting news today – Carbunkle Trumpet and his lovely wife Shawna are coming in from Memphis for Blog Fiesta in June. For all those of you who are planning to attend, I promise I will get a schedule sent out soon – I am just waiting on confirmation from a few places so I can make it official.

I have just confirmed Pedro’s for the meet and greet on Friday June 19th. It will be an open party – anyone who wants to come meet the bloggers is welcome to join the fun. For all you bloggers coming to the event, this location has WiFi, so there’s an option for live blogging.

I just took a short quiz to find out which adventurer I am – see comment section below to find out the answer.

6 thoughts on “Roller coaster

  1. Anonymous says:

    OK, you two………. STOP IT!!!!

    No fair, no fair 🙁

    (one side beneift, though, is it will allow Bud Lite to catch up in the production/consumption ratios!


  2. tacogirl says:

    Hi Anna

    Cool looking website – I took the which adventurer quiz for fun and I was…

    Allan Quatermain!

    As the protagonist of King Solomon’s Mines and member of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, you are the quintessential outdoorsman. A big game hunter working mainly in Africa, your marksmanship is second to none. In possession of a map which leads to a fabled treasure trove, you embark on many an epic adventure with your companions.

  3. Anna says:

    Hi tacogirl,

    I’ve just been flicking around your blog and am really enjoying it. I see that you are interested in travel and thought you might be interested in this travel-related item that I have It’s a quiz that’s been made just for a bit of fun. It’s about adventurers; generally just a fun thing to go with all things travel. I’d be really grateful if you could take a look at it and maybe put it up on your blog if you enjoy it.


    Anna Degremont

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