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Living in Belize

Booze Cruise at the Beach


Can’t say I’ve ever been on a cruise that’s on land before, haha.

Thursday Night ‘Booze Cruise’ at Catamaran Bar

Every Thursday night at Catamaran Beach Bar (Caribbean Villas Hotel), please join us for our weekly ‘Booze Cruise’, guaranteed not to make you seasick!

Featuring live music by the Small World Band from 6 to 10 pm, the finest chicken clime curry in the world, fire dancing, raffles and much more… Win great prizes, including rooms at Pedro’s Hotel and Caribbean Villas.




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  1. tacogirl May 8, 2009

    Mary you or Libby may have seen then at tackle box before. I posted their video clip in this post… http://tacogirlblog.blogspot.com/2009/04/post-it-digital-notes.html

  2. Anonymous May 8, 2009

    yes, you should.
    Check out smallworldbelize.com

  3. Mary M May 7, 2009

    who is Small World Band? should I know? Mary


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