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Living in Belize

Tuesday adventure


Instead of going to the pool this morning I decided to have a snorkel adventure – perfect opportunity to try my new underwater camera from Chunky and Ruth.

I decided to walk along the beach to Ramon’s dock and check out how the artificial reef is doing. Haven’t been in the ocean for way too long (last time I remember snorkeling there was with DCG)

I miss the big palapa at the end of the dock, but they have a proper ladder now which makes it easier for those who want to go in right from the end of the dock, instead of swimming from shore. It’s a pretty good free snorkel spot, and very close to town.

I still have to play around with my camera some more and see how different settings work underwater – for now I just went with auto. It was a bit hard to tell how my pictures were turning out under water as the screen was hard to see, but I managed okay for my first try.

Ruthie said the camera is a battery hog but did not find myself running short of battery life. I had put rechargeable ones in, so I was able to practice deleting as I went along. Also found a short cut for that in the manual yesterday. Another good tip I got in the manual was to keep a silica pack inside the battery area when the camera is not in use.

Small downside of today’s adventure – I lost my snorkel on the way home. I retraced my steps as soon as I noticed but could not find it anywhere.

My first underwater pictures with a digital camera…


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  1. Ruthie May 7, 2009

    Wow…your pix turned out great TG! I’m so happy that you can document all the underwater action in San Pedro now, too!

  2. tacogirl May 7, 2009

    Thanks rump – I figure trying one thing at a time will help me figure out which settings work best.

  3. rump shaker May 7, 2009

    it is so nice that you have an underwater digital now!i am still figuring out flash/no flash particle/no particles etc.they look good though and it’s funny the end results will always be a mystery until you get home-kinda nice

  4. Kelly and Steve May 6, 2009

    Those are great pictures! I can not wait to snorkel there again myself… We will be there the end of June!

  5. tacogirl May 6, 2009

    lol KC

  6. KC Jayhawk May 6, 2009

    unless you’re Jimmy Hoffa!!

  7. tacogirl May 6, 2009

    So true Mysteryboy – hanging out under water with the fish is so much fun.

  8. Anonymous May 6, 2009

    What fun! A whole new world opened up to you! And, me thinks, more blog pics in our future.



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