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Reaching New Heights With Tropic Air

It feels like another lifetime ago that KC Jayhawk was asking the question “Do we really need to catch a 9:00 AM flight on the 21st to make an 12:11 PM flight out of the Belize City airport?” In truth, it was not that long ago; just this past February.

Many have been questioning having to be at Belize international airport 3 hours in advance of their international flights out and a few are also asking if it will be the same in slow season. The answer is yes. Due to the increasing popularity of Belize travel year round, Tropic Air is no longer experiencing slow season the way that they used to, but find the month September as being the quietest one of the season.

Tropic Air flight guidelines 2014 – Allow for 45 minutes upon landing to clear customs – check in and pay. For return flight time they ask that you be at the international airport 3 hours ahead of your scheduled flight. Please note, Tropic will not take responsibility for any missed international flights due to unforeseen delays on any flights booked in less than the required time.

End of 2013 numbers for Tropic Air:
270 employees
16 destinations, 11 domestic, and 5 international
275,000 passengers
12 planes

The above figures marked steady growth from having just over 250 employees, and carrying over 220,000 passengers in 2011. These are numbers found in a San Pedro Sun article – Tropic Air Late Evening Flights Return.

Fun flight fact: The top three busiest Belize airports in random order are Municipal in Belize City, Belize City International, and San Pedro. Don’t forget to like the Tropic Air Belize Facebook page to keep up with what they are doing and where they are flying. You can also also get a great tacogirl discount from my Flights to Belize page or by clicking on the Tropic Air “button” to the right.

In case you need a reminder or never saw the original Tropic Air terminal, below are a couple of pictures from the “way back machine”. With the steadily increasing in traffic over the years, it is no surprise they had to build a new one.

san pedro airport
Old Tropic Air San Pedro Airport terminal beside the new one when it was being constructed
Tropic Air Cargo has moved to a new location right across the road from the old one. I had to go there to pick up my groceries from the Health Store on Central American Blvd in Belize City. What a convenient way to shop. I emailed Ashton with my order and he had it ready to send as soon as I made a deposit to their Atlantic Bank account for $126.85. The price included my purchases and the $5 Messenger fee to Tropic Air Municipal Airport in Belize City.

tropic air cargo
New location of Tropic Air Cargo right across the road from the old location
victoria house beize
Victoria House picking up a package
tropic air belize
Service with a smile
health store belize city
Health Store products hand packed and sent to me by the Diaz Family

Agnus castus/vitex- $21, Turmeric-$26, Ginkgo Biloba -$21.50, 2 -Pasta d’oro gluten free noodles $10.25 x 2, Pasta d’oro gluten free Fettuccini Noodles $8.95 x 2, Extra thick rolled oats in Bobs red mill $14.95. All pricing in BZD. to find out what else the Health Store offers check The Health Store Facebook page or call them at 222-4546.

san pedro belize
Still on food plan and sadly I had to turn down the meat pie guy
tropic air flight san pedro to belize city
Sunset on the airstrip

Before I had a chance to finish this post, I got called back to cargo to pick up a wonderful donation and snapped a few more pictures. As part of the Belize Red Cross Social Assistance program, headquarters sent the San Pedro branch 3 wheelchairs to distribute to those who are in need within the community, a much appreciated donation. Thankfully one of our board members is also Tropic Cargo employee, and Martin was fast to notify me as soon as all 3 chairs had arrived, as they came on 2 flights. Also thankful that Angie was able to help me pick them up and deliver them to the office before her afternoon dance class at Zen Arcade.

belize red cross
Picking up 3 new wheel chairs at Tropic Cargo for San Pedro, courtesy of Belize Red Cross.
tropic air cargo san pedro belize
Loading Angie’s cart with wheel chairs.

3 thoughts on “Reaching New Heights With Tropic Air

  1. DrAl says:

    For many people, one of the worst trigger foods for IBS is anything from the red meat family as well as dairy, gluten maybe and and caffeine. This includes steaks, and ground beef. Of course this leaves pork and chicken. I bet them yummy meat pies is pork. Non Nom. Beats all that icky carp in your photo. I use turmeric to impart a yellow tint to my Chicken Francaise lemon sauce. I have no idea what you think it will do. Or you can take the meds I suggested. That would be a rare occurrence however.
    just sayin…

  2. tacogirl says:

    I sent you an email on cart pricing aokpatti.

    So many good places to eat and enjoy.

    In town do not miss breakfast at Estel’s Charles does great Sunday bbq. Wild Mangos lunch or dinner, Blue Water Grill for a nice dinner, Elvis, Caramba, Lola’s. Also look for smaller local spots like My Secret Deli inexpensive lunch, Ruby’s and Celi’s for breakfast.

    South of town Casa Picasso a must for dinner, Seahorse lounge on the beach a nice lunch spot.

    North of bridge – Lazy Croc very close and Rojo a bit further north are 2 well known good places to eat. I have heard the lionfish at Pirates treasure is really good but not tried it yet.

    Coco Loco’s beach bar is also a good place to go that is just north of the bridge. They do cribbage tournaments Monday afternoons 4pm [I think] and trivia Tuesdays at 7:00pm

    For tours snorkeling Hol Chan either by speed boat or on the Caye Caulker day sail is lots of fun. You might enjoy a sunset cruise too since you have a larger group. Ruins are great especially from the top vantage point. I really loved the zoo and cave tubing too. We actually did an overnight at zoo as well as a different time than doing day tour.

  3. aokpatti says:

    This is the first time we are returning to Ambergris Caye in three years We are arriving June 21, with a group of 8 people. We need to know were we can get best price on a golf cart rentals. we would probably need a 6 seater and a 4 seater. WE would also like to know good places to eat and if there are better tours than others. Our group ranges in age from 8 to 80. Are there any new places to eat that you would recommend?

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