Rainy Day Belize City Shopping

by tacogirl
caye caulker island

Woke up at 5:30 am yesterday morning to pouring rain and crazy power surges, the clock on our stove kept fading in and out so we quickly unplugged a few things that were not on surge protectors. As a result, I was not able to charge my phone or camera before leaving for my Belize City shopping adventure. I was almost tempted to cancel my trip but decided to waterproof and stick to my 9:00 am flight plan. I caught a ride as far as Pedro’s Hotel area with tacoboy and walked the rest of the way to Maya Air.

While waiting for boarding call I was able to charge my phone halfway. Our plane went to Caye Caulker and Philip Goldson before landing at Municipal Airport. With all the stops I burned up my battery Facebooking pics along the way, love that I was able to pick up Wifi signal while flying. I took a quick recharge break in the lounge area at Muni before finding Jeff for a taxi ride. I figured I might as well get some work in while my phone was charging so I started this post and cleared out a few emails.

Onto the real reason for my trip, I was looking for some fun edgy shoes for Halloween so I had Jeff drop me off near Brodies. I hit about 10 stores and unfortunately struck out, nothing I saw was quite right. All was not lost though, I got big silver hoop earrings that I could not find in San Pedro and I scored on vitamins at Brodie’s pharmacy. They have a large selection of Good N Natural and Sundown Naturals. 5 bottles of various stuff cost me $71.71 bzd including a mysterious $7.90 discount and all of them were well within their expiry date by a year or two.

As for my costume I decided to wear my red and black patent boots from last year, nothing I saw beat them and I am in to win it for a prize at the annual Pimp n Ho pre-party at Pedro’s. While my outfit will be good, I would have to go all out to compete $1000 grand prize at the Holiday Hotel. People really do a spectacular job on their costumes for that one and it is worth going to see even if you do not dress up, people line the street just to watch the Red Carpet entrances.

After I finished on Albert Street, I walked across the swing bridge to do a quick pop in at Bottom $ grocery store. I did not find anything I could not live without and decided I like Save U better for the selection of things we can not get at our island grocery stores.

Almost time to head back to the airport for my flight back to San Pedro, I called Jeff and had him meet me out front. I had one last stop to make and got him to pass by the big fruit and vegetable market near Novelo’s bust terminal on my way back to the airport. A few people on the island who belong to Healthy in Belize facebook group were talking about getting veggies flown in from the mainland so I figured I would snap a few pics while there so everyone could see what it was like.

If you find yourself in Belize City and needing a cab, you can call Jeff Taxi Service at 630 – 5764. Cost of my taxi ride from Municipal Airport to downtown $10 bzd, ride back to the airport including a stop off – $25 bzd.

caye caulker belize

Quick pit stop at Caye Caulker Airport

caye caulker airport

Golf cart raincoat

private island belize

Flying over my favorite private island Caye Chapel

philip goldson international airport

About to land at International airport

belize airports

Philip Goldson International Airport

municipal airport belize

Last stop Municipal Airport

municipal airport belize city

It started out wet in Belize City too

belize city shopping

Large vitamin selection at Brodies

belize busses

Sarteneja buses

belize bridges

Heading for the swing bridge in Belize City

belize city pictures

View from the swing bridge is one if the most photographed in Belize City

belize city

Looking in the other direction on the swing bridge

fruis in belize

Large fruit and vegetable market by Novelo’s bus terminal

belize food

Big selection of produce

belize vegetables

Lots to choose from

flying from belize city to san pedro

Heading back to San Pedro

caye caulker island

Another pit stop on Caye Caulker

san pedro belize belize

Landing in San Pedro


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Charlotte October 27, 2013 - 10:45 am

Ohhh, I really miss Belize City. A couple from Kansas was house shopping on House Hunters International the other day near the water front area. They showed the swing bridge and Brodies. Looks like the city is really developing, with a lot going on. You looked hot last year! Can’t wait to see the big revel this year with your costume. I always look forward to your annual Halloween posts. Have fun!

tacogirl October 27, 2013 - 11:05 am

I will have to watch for that episode. It always seems so busy in Belize City compared to here. Thanks Charlotte I am just editing my Halloween pics and video now.

Carbunkle Trumpet October 26, 2013 - 12:46 pm

You need to invest in a powergen portable battery charger for you phone. Mine is great and I can charge my phone from “near death” to 100% 4 times before I have to recharge the Powergen. Costs about $80BZE. Sadly it stinks for charging in Europe with a converter.

tacogirl October 26, 2013 - 12:57 pm

Thanks for the tip Carbunkle Trumpet, I am going to look that up. There are some cool looking solar power chargers out there as well http://mashable.com/2013/04/05/mobile-solar-power/#gallery/8-inventive-solar-powered-smartphone-chargers


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