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Nightlife in Belize

Fun things to do in Belize


belize celebrationsHalloween has always topped my list for fun things to do in Belize, people go all out for costumes and we always have a great time. Last night we started  a bit late and got to Roadkill bar just in time to have a quick one and head to Pedro’s for the pimp n ho party.  The bell got rung twice during the short time we were there and some people were feeling very merry from the jager shots by the time we headed to town.

We all piled in our golf carts and met up  Fido’s for some live music and dancing, of course I was not doing any dancing in my crazy boots ha ha. Then we all headed down to the Holiday Hotel, it was super packed as always. This was the first year I did not go in, we just hung around out side chatting and watching all the cool costumes.

Don’t forget today is the big SAGA Halloween fundraiser in Central park starting at 11 am. The SAGA volunteers have been working really hard to make this a big success and have lined up tons of great prizes. Stop by and check out all the great pet costumes and spend lots of money on food and drinks.


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  1. tacogirl October 30, 2012

    He made his prison number 8675309 Gail 🙂

  2. tacogirl October 30, 2012

    Boots came from ebay Carbunkle, you can find just about anything there 🙂

  3. Gail October 30, 2012

    LOL Most wanted….

  4. Carbunkle Trumpet October 29, 2012

    Where did you get the boots?

  5. tacogirl October 28, 2012

    I was about to tell you look closely Gail full costume pics there. Paul’s sign was a tacoboy most wanted by FBI sign.

  6. Gail October 28, 2012

    Oops, now see the full picture of your costume. Missed it the first time.

  7. Gail October 28, 2012

    Thanks for sharing your pictures. What does it say on Paul’s sign? Would love to see a picture of your full costume, including the boots. They must have been pretty high as you are towering about Sherry in the picture.


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