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What $50 Buys you at the Corner Store

Yesterday I left the house with $50 in my pocket and decided somewhere along the way I would pick up a few groceries. I could not resist stopping in Flamboyant park for a bit as the swing bench was in the shade and it was nice to sit and listen to music for a bit. After my nice Zen break, I walked as far as the gas station and on my way back, I stopped at a few fruit markets on the main road but did not see anything I wanted to carry the distance, and decided to shop closer to home.

I ended up at La Despensa Del Hogar otherwise known as our corner store.  We have always called it Mini Marinas because it is the same owners and there was never a sign. Without doing the math as I was shopping, I came pretty close to my $50 budget,  $49.40 was my total.

Here is what I got for that:
4 pack pork chops from Running W meats $12.75
1 Jar Nescafe Dolca Coffee $9.50
1 Lala Light box milk 3.50
1 pack Ginger cookies $1.25
1 bag of peanuts $1.25
1 jar Manzanilla Olives $4.45
1 Gatorade $3.50
1 Cucumber $2.00
1 Green Pepper $1.50
12 rolls Elite butt wipe $9.70
Pricing in Belize dollars

Most exciting on my list was the pork chops from Running W, they just got a fresh shipment of their meat in today, I am going to go back l and stock up a bit, the bacon and hamburgers both looked good.

While on the subject of food I decided to add my morning facebook post from today. It is important to consider our food sources especially when it comes to Seafood and protecting our natural resources.

Catch & size limits for Conch Shell Length is 7 inches market Clean and 2.5oz. Conch Season in Belize July 1st to Sept 30th. This year it was closed down in April, two months early, when the Belize Fisheries Department deemed the quota was met.

Marine conservation is so important and not to be taken lightly. Groups such as Oceana in Belize and Ocean Elders have a strong commitment to conservation and share a passion for the ocean and its wildlife.
Want to Help with aquatic conservation? Read  the Seafood Guide for Fishing in Belize. In learning about the seasons and size limits put in place by the Belize Fisheries dept you will be able to make sure the seafood on your plate is what is should be.
fishing in belize
Horse Conch on the grill
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Back side if the island in Boca Del Rio
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