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Celebrating our 9th year Reef CI Facebook Photo Contest

It is very chilly here this morning, enough to make me close the west windows in our living room aka my office. I am sure many of you are thinking cry me a river tacogirl, you have forgotten what cold really is 🙂

Today’s post is for all of you who are ready to ditch your cold weather and enjoy some tropical temperatures. Take part in ReefCI’s facebook contest for your chance to WIN a week in Belize, or buy a raffle ticket. Visit their page to find out more about the ReefCI facebook photo contest and how you can win.

Reef Conservation International is a marine conservation company in Punta Gorda Belize that is focusing on protecting and maintaining the marine environment, they are dedicated to ensuring that their  impact is always positive and never damaging. Working with local NGO’s and Government departments, they help to ensure that marine life is sustainable and available for future generations.

ReefCI have a policy ensuring that they are focused on species affected by long term human impacts that have a value to local people. They work with international and local organizations to help sustain the coral reefs and commercial species in Belize. Such species include conch, lobster and commercial finfish.

Reef Conservation International aims to benefit the local community. It is important to ReefCI to help sustain a healthy environment where both people and nature can thrive.

Visit Reef Conservation International website to find out more about ReefCI and responsible tourism.

diving belize
Picture courtesy of Jo at ReefCI
marine conservation
ReefCI facebook photo contest
reef conservation international
Picture courtesy of Jo at ReefCI

Picture courtesy of Jo at ReefCI

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